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Hiking Mount Washington, October

My son called last week to inform me he and his friends were going to climb Mount Washington.  All I could think of was them not being prepared for what may happen. Mount Washington is know for unpredictable changing  weather. I have actually never been to the top of the rock but have skied Tuckerman's Ravine several times. My last visit the weather in Manchester was calling for a Bermuda High with early May temperatures in the 80's.  It had just snowed 2 feet  at Wildcat in the previous week so we planned for a soggy hike up. We got up to the bowl around 9 am and set out for some runs down the Headwall and Hillman's all in warm weather and sun. Well in a matter of minutes the weather turned and we were in a snow storm while looking over at Wildcat in brilliant sunshine. Fortunately the 2 feet of snow that had arrived prior let us ski all the way out to the car saving the hike out. Loaded up the jeep put the roof down and enjoyed the ride home in the 75 degree weather. My son was in 7 grade for this trip up and all I heard was are we there yet and how much further so when I heard his plans all I could imagine is a group of ill prepared post college party animals getting lost and spending the night in shorts. I must have sent him every article I could find on the weather, what to wear, food, water, sunblock to winter gloves and hats. I am very pleased to announce that they did prepare properly and did encounter changing weather patterns from the warmth at the base to snow and sleet at the top but had the right clothing and the day was a success.

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