Boat Launch & Fishing Guide

Clean Your Boat - Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate boating rules

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New NH State Boating Law Effective January 1. 2017 

When transporting boats between waterbodies: ( NH RSA 487: 16-D )  All fragments of vegetation and animals must be removed before leaving the launch area. All drain plugs must be removed or in the open position when leaving the boat launch

Boat Launches and Types of Fish in each of the lakes. Scroll to the bottom of the page to research NH lake properties for sale. 

Lake Winnisquam Marinas

Adams Marina Winnisquam, NH 603-528-3561

Jay’s Marina Winnisquam, NH 603-524-3150

Winnisquam Marine Belmont, NH 603-524-8380

State Launch Site is off Water St in Laconia, free parking 

Lake Winnipesaukee Marinas

Channel Marine - Weirs Beach, 603-524-4801

Fay's Boatyard - Laconia,          603-293-8000

Irwin Marine - Laconia, 603-524-6661

Lakeport Landing Marina - Laconia, 603-524-3755

Marina Melvin Village 603-544-3583

Meredith Marina - Meredith, 603-279-7921

Parker Marine - Alton Bay, 603-875-2600

Paugus Bay Marina - Laconia, 603-524-1233

Paugus Bay Marina - Meredith, 603-279-5505

Shep Brown's Boat Basin - Meredith, 603-279-4573

Silver Sands Marina - Gilford,  603-293-7200

Thurston's Marina - Weirs Beach 603-366-4811

Trexler's Marina - Moultonborough 603-253-7315

Goodhue and Hawkins Boat Yard  603-569-2371

Newfound Lake  

Westshore Marine Bristol 603-744-2900

Squam Lake  

Asquam Marina Holderness 603-968-9001

Riveredge Marina Ashland 603-968-4411

Boat Launches Winnipesaukee


Alton Bay Public Launch 1/4 mile north of the Route 11 bridge, on Route 11, in a public parking lot. No fee charged. 

Alton Landing Just east of the Route 11 bridge. 

Roberts Cove Marina From the Alton traffic circle, proceed 5 1/2 miles towards Wolfeboro on Rte 28.Turn left onto Roberts Cove Road. Fee charged 

West Alton Marina At the junction of Route 11 and Route 11-A. Fee charged 

CENTER HARBOR  Public Docks In town behind Heath's Hardware Store adjacent to town docks. Fee charged. Short walk to parking.

Fay's Boat Yard 71 Varney Point Road, Gilford (603) 293-8000 From Jct. 11/11B, east on route 11 for .1 mile. Turn left onto Varney Point Road. Fee charged. 

Silver Sands Marina On Route 11B, 1/2 mile northwest of junction 11B/11. Fee charged (Parking included).

Lakeport Landing Marina 65 Gold Street, Laconia (603) 524-3755 Southern end of Paugus Bay at the Junction of Elm Street and Union Avenue. Fee charged.

MEREDITH  Meredith Public Docks Fee charged. Parking for trailers is 

Meredith Marina 2 Bay Shore Drive. Just off Route 3 on the right between Route 104 and Route 25. Fee charged.

Shep Brown's Boat Basin North on Route 25/ 2/10 mile from downtown Meredith, turn right onto Pleasant Street as it curves around Meredith Bay. Follow Pleasant Street to Meredith Neck Road. Turn right. Follow for 3 miles and turn left onto Lovejoy Sands Road. Fee charged


Moultonborough Public Launch Turn right onto Moultonboro Neck Road from Route 25. Proceed 6 2/10 miles south/east on Moultonboro Neck Road and cross onto Long Island. Launch site is on the left 2/10 mile after crossing bridge. Parking requires Moultonboro beach & dump sticker.

Harilla Landing Long Island, From Route 25 and Moultonboro Neck Road, proceed 6 2/10 miles south/east on Moultonboro Neck Road and cross onto Long Island. After crossing bridge, proceed 2 2/10 miles on Long Island Road.

Lee's Mills From Moultonborough Center, proceed 4/10 mile south on Route 25. Turn Left onto Blake Road. At end of Blake Road, turn right onto Lee's Mills Road and proceed to end. No fee charged. Parking available.

States Landing From the intersection of Route 109 and Route 25 (at the Moultonborough Airport), proceed south/east on Route 109 for 2 8/10 miles and turn right onto States Landing Road. Follow States Landing Road 1 mile.

TUFTONBORO  Melvin Village Public Landing Off Route 109. No fee charged.

WOLFEBORO  Libby Museum Opposite the Libby Museum on Route 109, 3 1/10 miles northwest of Wolfeboro. No fee charged. No parking.

Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard Sewell Road, Wolfeboro. From downtown Wolfeboro, head west on Route 109 for 2/10 mile. Turn left onto Sewell Road and proceed for 1 mile.

Back Bay Marina Bay Street, Wolfeboro. In downtown Wolfeboro, go one block north (away from the main lake) on Railroad Avenue. Launch site is behind the old Wolfeboro railroad terminal. No fee charged. Parking available. Note: to get to the Big Lake you must travel under a bridge with a clearance of only a little over four feet (full lake).

Wolfeboro Public Launch Main Street. In the public parking lot behind shops, next to Wolfeboro town docks. No fee charged.

Lake Sunapee Boat Launch Map 

NH Lakes Fishing Guide for the lakes region

Fish Lake and Ponds  
American Eel Winnipesaukee, Silver (Lochmere), Winnisquam, Opechee lakes; Merrimack, Winnipesaukee rivers.
Black Crappie Balch, Milton-3/Northeast, Spectacle (Meredith), Pine River ponds; Belleau, Great East, Pemigewasset, Wickwas, Hermit, Winnipesaukee lakes.
Bluegill Numerous warm water ponds; Winnipesaukee, Wickwas lakes; Lees Mills Pond; Connecticut, Merrimack rivers.
Brook Trout Most headwater/mountain brooks (wild fish); designated trout ponds; Pleasant (Elkins), White (Tamworth), Highland (Andover) lakes; Tewksbury, Saltmarsh, Perch, Spectacle ponds; Sky, Upper Hall ponds (fly only); Pemigewasset (Lincoln, Campton, Thornton), East Branch Pemigewasset rivers.
Brown Bullhead Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers.
Brown Trout Crystal (Eaton), Mascoma, Webster, Mirror (Woodstock), Tarleton lakes; Big and Middle Pea Porridge, Lower Beech ponds; Mascoma, Connecticut, Pemigewasset (southern) rivers.
Carp Mascoma Lake; Merrimack, Connecticut rivers.
Chain Pickerel Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers; Merrimack, Connecticut rivers and oxbows.
Cusk (Burbot) Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam, Newfound lakes.
Fallfish Winnipesaukee, Opechee, Silver, Winnisquam, Chocorua lakes; numerous medium to large rivers.
Lake Trout Newfound, Winnisquam, Winnipesaukee, Sunapee, Silver (Madison), Merrymeeting, Tarleton, Great East lakes; Big Dan Hole Pond.
Lake Whitefish Winnipesaukee, Silver (Madison), Big Squam lakes.
Landlocked Salmon Big and Little Squam, Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam, Conway, Merrymeeting, Newfound, Ossipee, Pleasant (Elkins), Sunapee lakes; Big Dan Hole Pond.
Largemouth Bass Numerous warm water lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers; Winnipesaukee, Big and Little Squam, Waukewan, Wickwas, Pemigewasset, Crystal (Gilmanton), Hermit, Conway lakes; Milton-3/Northeast, Balch ponds; Merrimack, Connecticut rivers, and oxbows.
Northern Pike Connecticut River and oxbows; Upper and Lower Baker ponds.
Pumpkinseed Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers.
Rainbow Trout Designated trout ponds; Winnipesaukee, Newfound, Winnisquam, Big and Little Squam, Crystal (Enfield), Mascoma, Waukewan, Winona, Lovell, Stinson, Tarleton, Little Sunapee, Highland, Wentworth lakes; Tewksbury, Saltmarsh, Lower Beech ponds; Newfound (fly only), Winnipesaukee, Pemigewasset, Connecticut rivers.
Rock Bass Mascoma, Sunapee, Crystal (Enfield), Pleasant (Elkins), Canaan Street lakes; Merrimack, Connecticut rivers.
Round Whitefish Newfound Lake
Smallmouth Bass Winnipesaukee, Big and Little Squam, Winnisquam, Newfound, Wentworth, Little Sunapee, Pleasant (Elkins), Merrymeeting, Lovell, Manning, Webster, Ossipee, Waukewan, Opechee, Sunset, Crystal (Gilmanton), Conway, Great East lakes; Goose, Grafton, Rust ponds; Pemigewasset, Winnipesaukee, Merrimack rivers.
Walleye Connecticut River
White Perch Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam, Big Squam, Opechee, Waukewan, Wentworth, Mascoma, Silver (Lochmere), Ossipee lakes; Goose, Upper, and Lower Baker ponds.
Yellow Perch Nearly all lakes, ponds, and medium to large rivers. - friendly and informative fishing information! I am out fishing on Winnipesaukee and Squam 3-4 days a week if you need advice just ask. 

Lady of the Lake can help you find that lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam, Winnisquam, Waukewan, Wentworth, Ossipee, Great East, Merrymeeting, Newfound or any of the lakes listed on our site.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for all the lakes we market!