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Checklist for Home Inspections in New Hampshire

Checklist for Home Inspections

The following is a general guideline based on NACHI, ASHI certified companies. NH inspectors require a state license. 

Your realtor should have a list of inspectors for you to contact or search online for local inspectors. Ask your realtor for inspectors that will do or arrange the septic and general inspection in one call.  NH lake home sales and service - inspections

1. General Home Inspection: exterior and interior.

2. Septic Inspection: tank and leach field. 

3. Radon Air:

4. Water: Full test including Radon and Arsenic.

5. Pests: Specialist call on discovery. 

6. Mold: Specialist is called in upon discovery.  

New Hampshire home inspectors are required to be licensed by the state. 

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Making an offer to purchase a home in NH? The process!

Making an offer to purchase a home in NH? The process! 

You found the perfect home and would like to move forward with a purchase / offer and you have your financing plan in place.  What are the basic steps to follow?NH Lakefront home on Lake Wentworth

In NH the offer is constructed as a binding sales contract. So after your realtor puts together detailed paperwork you might have a lawyer review it for you. You may also consider writing a letter to go along with your offer. I have seen positive outcomes with a simple note to the seller. 

A verbal or handshake are not valid contracts, it must be written and signed by both parties. Don’t wait if you find the perfect home. Another buyer could come along with the end result in your not getting your dream home.  

  1. As your agents puts together the offer confirm that all the items you discussed the day of the showing are included in the sales offer. It could be as minor as window treatments to the boat dock. A must would be a legal description of the home and your financial terms, closing date, inspection and document review timeline. 
  2. Your offer is written, reviewed and you have signed it. Gone are the days of snail mail. All of the agreements can be electronically signed. E-Sign works with your e-mail. 
  3. The offer is presented to the seller where it may be accepted, declined or countered. 
  4. If accepted you move on to inspections, document review, financing along with deed review. 
  5. If the seller counters you can accept or go back and submit a new offer. 

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Looking for the perfect Lakefront Getaway? 

Looking for the perfect Lakefront Getaway?  Swim - Boat - Water Ski - Sail

Located on Suncook Lake this 2 bedroom year round home has perfect sunsets and long open water views. Looking at conservation land with just plan woods and no houses to stare at.

Upper and Lower Suncook Lake total just over 600 acres.

Suncook Lake Real Estate - Home for sale on Suncook Lake Barnstead NH

Listed April 9, 2018   MLS - 4685751    $369,900 


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The problem with spring in New England is the agony of anticipation! 

The problem with spring in New England is the agony of anticipation! 

In the fall we experience beautiful fall foliage and crisp cooler temperatures. Golf clubs and boats are put away with the anticipation of cold weatherLake Winnipesaukee lake view - winnipesaukee homes for sale . Our mindset is accepting shorter days and cold weather knowing days on the ski slopes are right around the corner. 

Spring is the season flowers come into bloom and we are in a full court press for summer. Spring activities include your first day on the golf course, taking your boat out for the first time or getting your garden ready for planting. 

Reality is spring is day after day of disappointments.  I am waiting for some 60 degree days only to have the average temperature lingering around 29 in the morning and low 40’s in the afternoon. The depression sinks in when we are in the first week of April, forget April showers bring May flowers we are still experiencing snow storms. 

It is not that mother nature is throwing us curve balls every spring day, it is our mental state of mind. We anticipate sitting in the sun watching a baseball game with temperatures in the 60’s not snow flurries and temperatures in the 40’s. 

Well, they are predicting 2 inches of snow April 6th, 2018. The longer days are great but I still wearing a winter jacket. Mother Nature is not following the weather game plan we all have set in place.  Ice out on Lake Winnipesaukee I predict, April 18th this year.

What is your prediction for ice out on Winnipesaukee? 

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