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Navigating a NH Lakefront Home Purchase - April 2021 Covid 19

Navigating a NH Lakefront Home Purchase - April 2021 Covid 19

Lakefront home inventory is at an all-time low in the NH lakes region. We have 32 active lake listings on March 29, 2021, only 8 are priced below $600,000. When a quality lake home is listed it typically lasts less than 2 days on the market and with delayed showings, some buyers are actually purchasing sight unseen, a risky move in my book.NH lake home interior picture

If you see a waterfront home of interest I urge you to make an appointment immediately.

Typically new lakefront listings start coming on the market in March with an increasing inventory into April. We did see a small surge in inventory mid March. Lets hope we an inventory increase in the coming months.

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Flood Insurance Changes are on the horizon! 

Flood Insurance Changes are on the horizon!    March 2021 update 

The flood insurance market is undergoing a variety of changes.  We are watching this closely and will continue to keep you updated as we know more.  Below is a quick summary of current changes and trends. Ossipee Home, many homes lie in the flood zone

- Flood Insurance was historically only available through FEMA.  Private Flood Insurance Carriers have now emerged and can offer competitive quotes and options.  Mortgage companies are now required to accept Private Flood Insurance.  In the past they could require coverage be placed through FEMA which was often more expensive.

- FEMA is planning to review zoning, flood maps, and premiums.  FEMA feels that flood insurance is underpriced and this review could result in changes that require flood insurance in areas not previously required and overall increased flood premiums. They are targeting October 2021 for this change.

- NH has accepted the most recent update to the FEMA flood maps on January 29, 2021.  This is resulting in immediate changes to NH real estate and many properties are either being required to carrier flood insurance for the first time or being moved into a higher rated zone.

Below are a few articles that go into these topics in more detail. 

Let me know if you have questions or want to discuss any of this in more detail.
Flood Insurance Myths    

Fema Flood Map Portal 

Nick Aube, CIC | Director of Risk Management
Avery Insurance
Office: 603-766-3733

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Launches and Marinas in the NH Lakes Region

Spring is right around the corner and it is almost time to get your boat in the water. 

Launches and Marinas in the NH Lakes Region Listed Below

Lake Winnisquam 

Adams Marina Winnisquam, NH 603-528-3561

Jay’s Marina Winnisquam, NH 603-524-3150

Winnisquam Marine Belmont, NH 603-524-8380

Lake WinnipesaukeeFishing on Lake Winnipesaukee

Channel Marine - Weirs Beach, 603-524-4801

Fay's Boatyard - Laconia,          603-293-8000

Irwin Marine - Laconia, 603-524-6661

Lakeport Landing Marina - Laconia, 603-524-3755

Marina Melvin Village 603-544-3583

Meredith Marina - Meredith, 603-279-7921

Parker Marine - Alton Bay, 603-875-2600

Paugus Bay Marina - Laconia, 603-524-1233

Paugus Bay Marina - Meredith, 603-279-5505

Shep Brown's Boat Basin - Meredith, 603-279-4573

Silver Sands Marina - Gilford,  603-293-7200

Thurston's Marina - Weirs Beach 603-366-4811

Trexler's Marina - Moultonborough 603-253-7315

Goodhue and Hawkins Boat Yard  603-569-2371 

Newfound Lake  

Westshore Marine Bristol 603-744-2900

Squam Lake  

Asquam Marina Holderness 603-968-9001

Riveredge Marina Ashland 603-968-4411



Alton Bay Public Launch 1/4 mile north of the Route 11 bridge, on Route 11, in a public parking lot. No fee charged. 

Alton Landing Just east of the Route 11 bridge. 

Roberts Cove Marina From the Alton traffic circle, proceed 5 1/2 miles towards Wolfeboro on Rte 28.Turn left onto Roberts Cove Road. Fee charged 

West Alton Marina At the junction of Route 11 and Route 11-A. Fee charged 

CENTER HARBOR  Public Docks In town behind Heath's Hardware Store adjacent to town docks. Fee charged. Short walk to parking.

Fay's Boat Yard 71 Varney Point Road, Gilford (603) 293-8000 From Jct. 11/11B, east on route 11 for .1 mile. Turn left onto Varney Point Road. Fee charged. 

Silver Sands Marina On Route 11B, 1/2 mile northwest of junction 11B/11. Fee charged (Parking included).

Lakeport Landing Marina 65 Gold Street, Laconia (603) 524-3755 Southern end of Paugus Bay at the Junction of Elm Street and Union Avenue. Fee charged.

MEREDITH  Meredith Public Docks Fee charged. Parking for trailers is 

Meredith Marina 2 Bay Shore Drive. Just off Route 3 on the right between Route 104 and Route 25. Fee charged.

Shep Brown's Boat Basin North on Route 25/ 2/10 mile from downtown Meredith, turn right onto Pleasant Street as it curves around Meredith Bay. Follow Pleasant Street to Meredith Neck Road. Turn right. Follow for 3 miles and turn left onto Lovejoy Sands Road. Fee charged


Moultonborough Public Launch Turn right onto Moultonboro Neck Road from Route 25. Proceed 6 2/10 miles south/east on Moultonboro Neck Road and cross onto Long Island. Launch site is on the left 2/10 mile after crossing bridge. Parking requires Moultonboro beach & dump sticker.

Harilla Landing Long Island, From Route 25 and Moultonboro Neck Road, proceed 6 2/10 miles south/east on Moultonboro Neck Road and cross onto Long Island. After crossing bridge, proceed 2 2/10 miles on Long Island Road.

Lee's Mills From Moultonborough Center, proceed 4/10 mile south on Route 25. Turn Left onto Blake Road. At end of Blake Road, turn right onto Lee's Mills Road and proceed to end. No fee charged. Parking available.

States Landing From the intersection of Route 109 and Route 25 (at the Moultonborough Airport), proceed south/east on Route 109 for 2 8/10 miles and turn right onto States Landing Road. Follow States Landing Road 1 mile.

TUFTONBORO  Melvin Village Public Landing Off Route 109. No fee charged.

WOLFEBORO  Libby Museum Opposite the Libby Museum on Route 109, 3 1/10 miles northwest of Wolfeboro. No fee charged. No parking.

Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard Sewell Road, Wolfeboro. From downtown Wolfeboro, head west on Route 109 for 2/10 mile. Turn left onto Sewell Road and proceed for 1 mile.

Back Bay Marina Bay Street, Wolfeboro. In downtown Wolfeboro, go one block north (away from the main lake) on Railroad Avenue. Launch site is behind the old Wolfeboro railroad terminal. No fee charged. Parking available. Note: to get to the Big Lake you must travel under a bridge with a clearance of only a little over four feet (full lake).

Wolfeboro Public Launch Main Street. In the public parking lot behind shops, next to Wolfeboro town docks. No fee charged.


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Is your dock ready for another season on the lake

Is your dock ready for another season on the lake?  It could be time to make major repairs or install a new dock in New Hampshire

The state of NH controls dock and boating issues on our lakes and ponds. The NH wetlands laws for dock are administered by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

Department of Environmental Science Frequently Asked Questions - Answers  

Options you can look at for your new dock, upgrade or repair.  Lake Winnisquam Real Estate - Waukewan Real Estate - dock

  1. Floating dock.
  2. Aluminum dock.
  3. Galvanized Steel.
  4. Rolling dock for easy removal 
  5. Cedar Dock.
  6. Lift Docks.
  7. Permanent Docks, require extensive permitting.

Additional Docks and Features.

  1. Boat and Jet Ski Lifts 
  2. Covered Boat Slips, seasonal canvas
  3. Permanent Covers, are no longer allowed.  
  4. Docks should be 20 feet from your abutters lot. 
  5. Jet ski drive on's 

Swim Platforms do not need permits, they can not impede navigation, must be marked with your name and reflectors attached.  

Review the Seasonal Dock Notification for rules for repair or installation of your new replacement dock.  You are going to have many questions,  I would urge you to contact or (603) 271-2147 prior to purchase of a new dock or installation.

Seasonal Dock Permitting information

This information will cover the size and configuration of the new dock you can install.

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Popular Lakes - Squam - Winnisquam - Winnipesaukee - Wentworth - Sunapee - Merrymeeting - Ossipee - Great East - Newfound - Waukewan - Pleasant - Silver  - Lovell  - Pine River - Dan Hole - Webster 

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