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Covid Real Estate Inventory update in the NH lakes region!   January 20, 2021

Covid Real Estate Inventory update in the NH lakes region!   January 20, 2021

January 1st year to date. New listings that have remained on the market in the last 20 days, totals below. This update covers the major 40 towns in the greater lakes region.

53 new residential and condo listings came on the market. With 29 homes returning to the market.Waterfront homes for sale in NH - Meredith downtown

152 homes went under contract.

120 homes closed.

Of the total current inventory, 63 are waterfront homes and only 10 water access condos available for sale.

With low-interest rates properties are flying off the shelves faster than toilet paper did last year.

Typically towards the end of March into April as the ice recedes from the lakes new waterfront homes come on the market. Be patient but move swiftly if you find a home of interest.

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New Hampshire is a great location to retire or raise a family.

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What you should know when buying a waterfront property!

What you should know when buying a waterfront property!

Helpful Tips to achieve your dreams - memories - investment.

  1. Buying a waterfront home, it might be your primary home purchase, second home, or future retirement home. You are buying more than a lake home it is a lifestyle. 
  2. Hire a Waterfront Expert! If you have a toothache you go to a dentist not to a chiropractor. Interview agents, why settle for an inexperienced agent. Ask your agent for past client testimonial lake sales and what lakes they have sold properties on. 
  3. Get your financing lined up. Get a bank pre-approval letter, home equity loan or cash as an option. In this competitive market the seller wants to see your proof you can pay.  Some sellers will not even show their home unless the buyer has a bank letter in hand. 
  4. What is your goal in purchasing a waterfront home? Memories! It may be a four-season home that has close proximity to ski areas and snowmobiling or a seasonal cottage for summer usage. Motorboating or a kayaking non-motoring lake. List your must-have options and start comparing homes and lakes. 
  5. Buy the lake and location! You can change the home!  You can’t change the - sunsets - sandy beach - mountain views - deep water dock - fishing - non-motoring lake - privacy - proximity to attractions - shopping - restaurants. Take a day and drive-by lakes of interest. Why spend a day looking at homes when you have ruled out the area after the first showing. 
  6. Talk to us about the lake that fits your lifestyle. Winnipesaukee and Squam are wonderful lakes but if you have young boaters they can easily get lost with all the islands and inlets. On a smaller lake, your whole family can view them enjoying all watersports from shore and not get lost. 
  7. Research the lake, ask your agent if the lake has milfoil, average depth, lake size, general water quality rating, and if the lake has occurrences of cyanobacteria blooms.  Again buy the lake! 
  8. Talk to the neighbors! 
  9. Lady of the Lake Realty is familiar with shoreline rules. The in-depth rules cover tree cutting, home expansion, dock rules, swim platform rules and boating restrictions. We have or can get the answers for you. 
  10. Look at the Fema maps to determine if you will need flood insurance. If in the flood zone an elevation certificate may help with insurance costs. 
  11. Lake experts like Lady of the Lake Realty can offer you expert opinions on lakes. Example Belleau Lake water quality was just reduced to Eutrophic ( Worst Water Quality ) Information you need to know for future resale.  

For additional information on lake homes call Lady of the Lake Realty LLC at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at NH waterfront homes and cottages for sale - Waukewan home  or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at

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Zillow! Are Zestimates accurate?

Zillow! Are Zestimates accurate?

Zillow covers the entire United States so they come up with values using algorithms in geographical areas to determine value. The formula they use works great for a development of cookie-cutter homes, but what happens when you throw in a mountain view or lakefront. The digital formula has some gaps.

With all the properties listed on Zillow, they also seem to be a step behind on the accuracy of listings. We get a ton of calls to view homes that are either already under contract, sold or not even on the market.

Lady of the Lake Realty is here to help you find new and active waterfront New Hampshire listings. We can take the frustration out of searching. We service the Sunapee market over to Ossipee including Squam, Winnipesaukee, Newfound, Wentworth, Winnisquam, and the smaller quality lakes in that area. Give us a call and we can help you find that dream home and also wade thru this covid maze.

Lady of the Lake Realty 

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Navigating a NH Lakefront Home Purchase - COVID 19

Navigating a NH Lakefront Home Purchase - COVID 19

Lakefront home inventory is at an all-time low. In the lakes region we have 77 active lake listings on September 14, 2020, only 18 are priced below $600,000. When a quality lake home is listed it typically lasts less than 2 days on the market.  

Our office covers the 42 prime towns with lakefront properties.  In a typical week we see 75 + - new listings - 134 go under contract - 86 + -  close.  Inventory is headed towards a negative figure.  

If you see a waterfront home of interest I urge you to make an appointment immediately. Plan on getting in your car within 36 hours the home is listed to have a chance of purchasing the home. 

Overall August was another record month in terms dollars spent on residential housing in New Hampshire. While the unit sales were down slightly compared with August 2019, both the $349,450 median price of those sales and the $800 million total dollar volume were the highest of any single month in the state's history. ( e-news from NH Realtors Association ) Lake Waukewan Home for Sale - During Covid 19

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Winter activities close to Lake Winnipesaukee and Squam - 2020

Winter in the NH Lakes Region. Activities! 

* Planned events you do not want to miss. 

* New England Pond Hockey Classic - Jan 31st to February 2, 2020 ( Lake Winnipesaukee )

* Meredith Fishing Derby -  February 8-9, 2020 ( Lake Winnipesaukee ) 

* Laconia Sled Dog Races - February 14-15, 2020 

You look across this broad expanse that was once a lake and all you see is ice and snow for miles. Time to get out the skis, skates, snowshoes, sleds and snowmobiles. 

You will find major ski resorts off routes 16, 89, and 93. These resorts offer skiing, cross country skiing and tubing opportunities. Even if you don’t ski you can ride to the top of areas that have gondola’s or trams to enjoy the scenic mountain views from the top. 

If snowmobiling is of interest you can enjoy the trails from our lakes all the way to Canada. If you don’t have a sled you can rent them to give it a try. 

Snowshoeing, cross country skiing and skating are inexpensive and a fun way to get some exercise along with enjoying incredible wooded and mountain views. If you don’t have the equipment and would like to try these activities you can rent them. 

Winter Hiking: Yes you can hike in the winter, experienced well-equipped hikers only. Special equipment and clothing are required.

Ice Climbing: Special Equipment and training are required. Yes, lessons are available to learn.

Some just wanting to view the winter white gold you will find no sales tax at our outlet stores in Tilton and North Conway along with great diners and restaurants off almost every exit. Lake Winnipesaukee homes and condos for sale - Winnipesaukee home

Call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or text 603-566-6608  #nhlakesrealty for more information. 

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What Property Owners Should Know About NH's Shoreland Rules

Do you own a lake house or property that abuts a water body in New Hampshire? Are you looking to build a new structure, modify an existing structure, cut trees, excavate, fill and/or install a patio or walkway within 250 feet of that water body? Beware of New Hampshire's Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act.

The Shoreland Protection Act recognizes shorelands of the state are among its most valuable and fragile natural resources, that protecting shorelands is essential to maintain the quality of public waters, that a natural woodland buffer and limiting the amount of impervious surface near the shoreline is necessary to protect the quality of public waters, that public waters are held in trust by the state, and that the state has an interest in protecting those waters. The Shoreland Protection Act was enacted to ensure that coordinated and planned development occurs along the state's shorelines.

The act, with its extensive administrative rules, regulates any development, including work on existing structures, within 250 feet of a public waters like lakes, ponds and artificial impoundments greater than 10 acres in size, coastal waters, and certain rivers and streams that flow all year round.

If you seek to renovate, develop, excavate, or introduce fill to a property subject to the jurisdiction of the Shoreland Protection Act, you must first obtain a permit from the state Department of Environmental Services. As an initial matter, any new permanent structure that supports, shelters or encloses persons, animals or goods or property that is central to the fundamental use of the property, such as a home, must be set back at least 50 feet from the waterline; any accessory structure, such as a walkway, patio, shed, gazebo, or restraining wall, must be set back at least 20 feet.

Any construction that requires tree clearing or brush removal must also comply with strict requirements, namely, natural ground cover must generally remain intact within 50 feet of the waterline, including rocks and stumps and their root systems, except for a 6-foot wide walkway to a dock, beach or water body. A minimal amount of trees in this area may be removed based upon a sapling point score and certain shrubs and trees can be trimmed and pruned to a minimum height of three feet for the purpose of providing a view or access to the shoreline. Between 50 to 150 feet of the waterline, 25% of this area must be maintained as natural woodland, in other words, must remain in an unaltered state or improved with additional vegetation.

In addition, the Shoreland Protection Act regulates the amount of impervious surfaces that can be constructed within 250 of the waterline. Impervious surfaces are those that are modified surfaces that cannot effectively absorb or infiltrate water, such as, roofs, decks, patios, paved or gravel driveways, parking areas, and walkways. If your planned construction alters the impervious area by more than 20% of your lot, you must develop a stormwater management plan or construct a stormwater management system designed by a licensed engineer, depending on the amount of new impervious area.

To obtain a permit from the DES, you must establish that you meet all of the requirements of DES rules, subject to a few exceptions for non-conforming lots and non-confirming structures. If the DES denies your application, you have the right to request mediation or appeal such a decision to DES's Wetlands Council. In addition, if your neighbor has been issued a permit by the DES to construct within the SWQPA and you believe the DES erred in granting such a permit, you also have the right to mediate the Shoreland Protection Act or file an appeal. Appeals before the Wetland Council are akin to trials in the court system. Having adequate legal representation is key to a successful appeal at the Wetland Council.

Lastly, doing work without a permit, or failing to comply with the requirements of your Shoreland Protection Act permit, the State or the municipality in which you live could find you in violation and issue you an enforcement order to cease and desist, pay a fine, require you to restore the property to its original condition, and/or seek an injunction in the courts. If you are issued such a notice of a violation or an enforcement order, having adequate counsel to defend your rights is of paramount importance.

Homeowners that have property abutting public waters should also be aware of the Fill and Dredge in Wetland Act. To the extent your construction or alteration of your property involves impacts to a wetland, including constructing permanent or seasonal docks, you must also comply the all of the Department's rules promulgated under the wetland statute.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

Article by Adam M. Dumville  Published in the Portsmouth Herald (12/29/2019) NH Lake Homes - Lake Winnipesaukee

McLane Middleton, Professional Association 

Search for homes on Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lake, Winnisquam, Ossipee, Newfound, and Sunapee with emphasis on affordable to luxury lakefront property. Our lake experts cover the NH Lakes Region. 

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NH Real Estate -Active - Active With Contract - Pending - Confused

Active - Active With Contract - Pending - Confused? 

NH Lake Homes for Sale  - Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate 

Question:  I keep seeing some listings online that say Active with Contract or Pending.  What does this mean?  Is it available or not?

When you are searching for a home online you may notice some homes say “Active” while others say “Active with Contract” or “Pending”. What is the difference?

Active – Home is actively available on the market and does not currently have a contract on it. The seller in this case may have received offers but they have not been accepted.  Don’t linger go see a listing that is active before it goes active with contract or pending. 

Active with Contract  – There is an accepted contract on the property and that may have contingencies. The contingencies may include financing or inspections. With a short summer lake home selling season sellers may want to continue showing their home in case one of the contingencies falls through and the buyer is forced to back out. A buyer if interested in a home that is active with contract may want to put in a back-up offer in hopes they can move into the #1 position if the home becomes available.  

Pending – This means the home is under contract and the seller is not currently seeking to continue marketing the home. Most contingencies have been removed once a listing goes pending. 

New Hampshire has hundreds of quality lakes to choose from. Many focus on real estate on our larger lake such as Winnipesaukee. Many others would prefer to own a home on one of the quieter lakes such as Waukewan or Merrymeeting.  Contact us and we can assist you in your search.


Call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or text 603-566-6608  #nhlakesrealty  for more information



NH Lakes Mooring Rules: 

NH Lakes Mooring Rules: 

If you have a home or shared access property on Winnipesaukee, Squam, Winnisquam, Ossipee, Newfound, Sunapee and just added to the list are Bow Lake and Pleasant Lake in Deerfield / Northwood.  On these lakes you can’t just go out a drop a mooring. You need to get a permit from the NH Department of Safety who regulates the mooring on the lakes and ocean. The below link takes you to frequently asked questions that will help you get your permit for a mooring.  

The easiest location to find out NH moorings laws is to visit Lake Homes - Mooring Rules

If you are looking for a lake home or condo visit our website. and we will gladly help you in your search.  Our service area includes Ossipee to Sunapee areas including the entire Lakes Region.  

Call Lady or the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or text 603-566-6608  #nhlakesrealty  

Luxury Lakefront Homes in New Hampshire

Lady of the Lake Realty has been assisting luxury lakefront buyers since 1999. We can help you find distinctive lake properties on all the major lakes in NH, including Squam, Sunapee, Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam, and Newfound.  With our expansive knowledge of all the lakes in the area, we can help you make your dreams come true. Below is a recent example of a home listed in February 2019. 

The sellers consider this their retreat from the world nestled in the woods surrounded by nature inside and outside. This custom built Lake Winnipesaukee Luxury Real Estate - Winnipesaukee home for sale Adirondack on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee is a true example of artisan craftsmanship. The home is built with an abundance of natural materials surrounding you in their luxury. Can’t decide whether you are happier with lake or mountain views? No need to pick one – enjoy both! The spectacular wide southwesterly views of the lake and Belknap Mountains help you breathe deeply and feel the calm as soon as you come down the drive, then you walk through the front door into the great room with it’s floor to ceiling stone fireplace and a gourmet kitchen. Gather with family and friends at the end of the day to enjoy the epic sunsets on the deck overlooking the lake. The home has five bedroom suites as well as attached guest quarters above the garage. The finished lower level with patio leads to the private waterfront with a lovely breakwater, a U-shaped dock and a second dock. When built, the home was featured in a book on Adirondack homes as well as in magazine articles. This is truly a unique home. Located minutes to downtown Wolfeboro, known as the Oldest Summer resort in America, offering an abundance of restaurants, ice cream shops, and shopping. One hour to Manchester Airport, 1 hour to the Seacoast, and 2 hours to Boston. This home was listed by Jodi Hughes of Berkshire Hathaway Verani Realty in Wolfeboro NH.  Priced at $3.3 million 

Search our website and you will find luxury homes on all the major lakes in NH. Priced $900,000 to $10 million. 

The Lady of the Lake Realty Team is in the business of building dreams, creating friendships plus lasting memories!                     Call us at 888-737-5550 or e-mail    

 Paula and Carl are Million Dollar Guild Members of the Institute for Luxury home Marketing and former Sotheby's Agents #nhlakesrealty

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Winnipesaukee Real Estate

Shopping for a Lake Home? Is winter a good time to purchase your dream house? 

In short, the answer is yes of course and yes be careful.  In NH the lakes and ponds are frozen mid-December to mid-March. You are purchasing a home with the most important attribute that you can’t view, the waterfront bottom. The lake bottom can be sandy, rocky, hardpan or mucky with weeds. Just because the shoreline is sandy that does not guarantee sandy bottom swimming. Concerned what the bottom is, talk to the neighbors, get an ice auger and drill some holes in the ice to confirm you are buying a lakefront home that you will be happy to own.  ( You can not add sand per NH Shoreline rules ) NH Lakefront Homes - Winter lake and mountain view

If you are looking for an expanded inventory wait. During the winter months, many homes that did not sell in the fall are shut down for the cold winter months.  New listings and expired listing will start to come on the market at the end of March and the whole month of April into May. 

The typical winter inventory in NH is about 100 homes in the greater lakes region. In the spring the inventory will expand to 400 homes.  Additional key dates for increased inventory are Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. 

All I can say is be patient and do your homework. You find that dream home. You want to build memories not a reflection on every visit of what you should have done. 

Looking for that perfect NH Waterfront Property? Call The Dream Team!  We’ll make your Dreams come true. 

( check out lake homes at our website ) 

Lake Winnipesaukee luxury home with a sandy beach Call Lady or the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or text 603-566-6608 

New Hampshire is a great location to retire or raise a family. No Sales Tax - No State Income Tax - No Inheritance Tax