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Shopping for a Lake Home? What about the Water Quality?

You pull into the driveway of a beautiful Adirondack Lake Home, every aspect of the home is perfect. Level lot,  sandy beach, sunsets, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths on a 1 acre lot.  The price seems fantastic for the region.  This home is too good to be true and you are contemplating an offer. Stop you need to do some additional research prior to purchasing any lake home.   Water Quality.  Your first inclination that there may be a problem with water quality is the color of the water. In NH the state has graded each lake with a water clarity number and is available at the Department of Environmental Sciences website. Is the water crystal clear, tea colored or reddish? The home you are looking at maybe perfect but the lake is dead, or better said the water is suited for abundant weed growth and possible even cynobacteria algae blooms that are extremely dangerous.  What about milfoil?  Is the lake currently infested and  is there a plan of action to keep it in control if there is a problem?  When you ask your agent about the water quality and you get the standard answer I'll have to find out, you are not talking to an agent who is a  lake expert.  New Hampshire has three water classifications, Oligotrophic, Mesotrophic and Eutrophic.  If the lake home you are looking on is Oligotrophic you can feel pretty safe that the water quality is tops.  Mesotrophic you need to do some digging but 80% of the time the lake meets standards that you will find acceptable. I will not even show a home on a Eutrophic Lake.  No matter what state you are located in find a realtor that specializes in what you are looking for. Golf, skiing, snowmobiling, lakes, your realtor should be advising you no t learning about the lakes as you go.


Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate

Sunset at Newfound Lake one of the cleanest lakes in the US


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8 Buying Tips when Purchasing a Lake Property

You know in real estate they say "all agents are not created equal" and this could not be truer when it comes to dealing with lakefront  properties.


We Deal with Cottages to Luxury Estates


Work with a Realtor who has knowledge of the lakes

An astounding number of buyers sign up with Realtors that just don't have the experience or expertise needed to gauge all that goes into the purchase of waterfront property. The best step you can do is to hire someone with prior, proven and effective experience in dealing with such homes. Hire an agent familiar with shoreline rules, state building setbacks, dock rules, water quality and clarity. There are 250 lakes in the NH Lakes Region and to be honest I can only recommend about 75 of them.

Look at More than the Structure

The home may look wonderful and seems to fit your family's needs. Question what parts of the home can you change or add on to or is the current footprint all you have to work with. What about the water quality and the is the bottom sandy or mucky for swimming,  Are you happy with the view? You may not be able to cut trees to make any improvements along the shoreline.


Does the location Match Your Lifestyle

Keep your lifestyle in mind when seeking lakefront properties. Ask yourself what your primary use of the property will be. Do you plan on spending most of your days out on the water fishing or boating?  What about using the home during the winter months, how close are the ski areas or access to snowmobile trails . What types of recreation or amusements are around the area for days not spent on the lake or those rainy days.. Prior to Visiting a Home, Call your Local Banker

Unlike conventional properties a lake home may not match what your local bank will even make a loan on.  If the bank is selling the loan in the secondary market most will not give you a loan on a seasonal or island property. You may need to find a bank that will hold the note in house. Do your homework up front. If you find that perfect home you may need to act quickly and if your banking is not lined up you may lose the home. My best advice is use a local small bank. Just trust me on this one. Insurance

Check to see if the home is in a flood zone. This past November FEMA recreated all the flood maps putting almost every home on every lake in the flood zone. Don't trust the old owner, his policy pre-dates the FEMA changes.  Flood insurance is expensive. If you are in the flood zone you may be able to work with a local surveying company to get an elevation certificate to avoid the insurance. Don't laugh when you view the FEMA maps, pretty sure they were done hundreds of miles away with a crayon.  Other areas of insurance you may have to deal with are private roads, you will need a road agreement, if the road is private and fire hydrants will be brought up. Pump the water out of the lake!

When doing your inspection check everything.

Inspections are critical for properties located on or near the water. Not only that, it is important to work with an inspector that has proven experience in dealing with similar properties. The reason for this is that the nature of these properties is completely different than standard homes. In addition to checking the structure check the home for radon air and water, plus the complete battery of water tests including arsenic.

Talk to the neighbors.

Ask the neighbor where the property line is, half the time no stakes can be found on waterfront properties. What about any problems you may have heard about with the home or the neighbor on the other side, do talk to all the neighbors. I have seen many buyers run for the hills after talking to the neighbor.

Lastly are you ready for a second home?

Many buyers neglect to realize the level of responsibility involved in owning a waterfront property.  Heating the home, general maintenance, outdoor landscaping , plowing the driveway, dock maintenance, buying and maintaining a boat and the added, taxes, insurance costs associated with owning a second home.  Think it through.

When you are ready to move forward call us, we have over 20 years of valuable lake experience.

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What do you look for when buying a lake home?

The typical story I hear when we first meet with a client is when I was growing up we went to our grandparents lake home every summer and I want that same experience for my children.


Lake Massacecum Real Estate, Bradford NH

Sugar Sand beach, All Day Sun, 4 car garage for cars and toys


There is nothing more glamorous then owning a lake house real estate. We often are driven by fond childhood memories of vacationing at a lake house or on a boat  While there is nothing more rewarding than finding your perfect lake property, here are some ideas that will help you avoid a watery nightmare and enjoy paradise on a lake.

  1. Budget, what can you afford and still enjoy the other pleasures of life. Talk to your banker prior to even making a phone call or looking online.
  2. Decide on a comfortable commute. A 4 hour ride with a car load of kids with every other sentence are we there yet may deflate the dream.
  3. Is the home going to be strictly summer or will you use it for skiing and snowmobiling. In NH for example south of Laconia puts you on some very nice lakes but your ski commute maybe over an hour and the snowmobile season ends early in this mid state area.
  4. Explore the area you are interested in and take a Sunday afternoon drive to see if the area meets your expectations. Example, Wakefield NH has 7 lakes in town, easy access to skiing and snowmobile trails but I can count the number of restaurants in the area on one hand and the closest major grocery store is 30 minutes. Does this life style suit you or would you like an area with variety of  entertainment?
  5. What size lake? Everyone thinks they need thousands of acres to explore. Most of your boating activity will be right in front of your cottage. The kids and grandchildren want to show off their acrobatics on the water and you can't fit 15 people in the boat for the show.
  6. Other lake considerations. Fishing? Trout or Bass - Jet Skis? Does the lake allow them? - No motorboat lakes? - Private or Remote
  7. When you visited your grandparents lake home, which way did the sun set? Ideally you want western exposure for all day sun and sunsets.
  8. Best Sandy Beach - then sandy swim bottom - then gravel bottom - check the lake bottom before you buy, it may be mud!
  9. Check with your agent on water quality and clarity.
  10. Send me your thoughts on your idea of the perfect lake home.


My best advice is buy the lake, the location and the home last. Remember they are not building anymore lakes but you can build a new home.

If you are interesting in finding out what New Hampshire has to offer call us. The NH lakes region where the lakes meet the mountains,  Rustic Cottages to Luxury Estates to choose from.   Lastly hire a knowledgeable realtor to look out for your best interests. For additional information on lake and ski homes in NH call 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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New Hampshire Lakes Region Winter to do list?



nh lake homes for sale

Ice Fishing on Suncook Lake


Winter in NH is a wonderful time of the year. The state is covered in a blanket of white snow making the landscape a photographers dream especially after a fresh snow fall.

What to do on a winters day in NH ?

I have a bucket list to fill every winter that includes a ton of outdoor activities.  Trips to my favorite ski areas. Loon, Ragged, Sunapee, Cannon and Gunstock are my favorite go to areas. I do have a snowmobile and if you don't have one you can rent one for a day of exploring. You can travel the entire state on your sled on wonderfully groomed trails, while out on your sled pack along your snowshoes to further explore areas of wilderness not accessible by snowmobile. We try to make a day of it bringing along a grill to cook up some hamburgers and warm cider trail side.  If you have never ice fished with the family you are missing fast action with the tip-ups popping constantly and the kids racing from trap to trap to watch the line go stripping out.  While on this adventure do bring along your ice skates and grill. Don't laugh ice fishing is a blast, go with a family member or friend who has all the gear, especially a time saving ice auger.  Snowshoeing is fun and a ton of exercise. Plan a short trip to start and I guarantee you will find sore muscles the next day you never thought you had.  If you don't have snowshoes you can rent them.  You can travel out on existing snowmobile paths or live a little and head into the back country. Bring lunch, plenty of water, a map of the area plus a compass, you are not going to get lost as you can easily backtrack out.  As my bucket fills I often dream about adventures that I may never get around to.  Ice climbing, there are some climbs that are easy to extreme this one I don't think will happen. One that  I would love to try is ice sailing. While out ice fishing or snowmobiling I have seen these boats going zipping by at incredible speeds. Ice sailing is a must try for me.   For those a little less adventurous you can take the tramway to the top of Cannon Mountain with the skiers and enjoy the vistas at the top and the skiers making their way down the mountain, on a clear day you can see almost to Canada. A trip into Manchester to watch the Monarchs play, great semi pro hockey at the Verizon Center or just a shopping trip to Merrimack, Tilton or North Conway for lunch or shopping at the outlet stores.

Events ?  Sled Dog Racing in Laconia, Ice Fishing Derby in Meredith, Pond Hockey Tournament in Meredith, Ski Racing, Mogul Events, Snowmobile rally's and racing events. Visit the NH Tourism site for a list of other events and ideas of how you can fill your bucket list for 2014.

While visiting New Hampshire I am sure you will fall in love with our sales and income free tax state and want to stay forever.  Call us and we can find that perfect lake home for you. The lakes region is where the lakes meet the mountains.  Lake homes with easy access to ski areas and snowmobile trails are priced from $300,000 to luxury estates priced to $12 million

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Circa 1816 Center Chimney Cape for Sale in Freedom NH

NH Real Estate for sale Freedom NH Real Estate for saleThis Circa 1816 Center Chimney Cape is the best cared for older home I have ever been in. Gorgeous Wide Pine Floors, Lovely Country kitchen. Private Sun Porch looks out over the lush backyard. 1 st floor Master Bedroom Suite.  Library, Formal Dining room. Did I mentioned the Circa 1996 architectural connector and grand studio above the 24 x 48 garage addition.  All this within walking distance to the quaint village of Freedom.  1.5 landscaped acres includes a garden and a meditation bench. This lovely home has Magnificent Curb Appeal.  The home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a total of 13 rooms and 4200 square feet. The lot is a private lot just over 1.5 acres. The lot has stone walls, lovely back yard and a private field.   If you are looking for a historic home that has access to all New Hampshire has to offer call us today.  Hiking - Golf - Skiing - Snowmobiling - Museums - Ossipee Lake - Shopping are all just a short drive from this well maintained home.   Priced at under $600,000

For additional information on this home call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view similar  homes in New Hampshire at or   December 2013

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Buying a Lake/Ski home during the Winter Months in New Hampshire


NH lake or ski homes

Right on the water with 25 acres & 30 minutes to Loon or Waterville


This maybe the best time to be shopping for a lake home in New Hampshire.  Sellers are just getting their real estate tax bills and if there are not using the home during the winter every payment is towards the home is painful.  Many of the seasonal cottages are closed up  for the winter, but they still maybe available to be seen if we don't have snow covering the driveway.  Year round homes are heated and ready to be shown at a moment's notice.  The listing agents are not overbooked and traffic is light so scheduling goes smoothly.  There are over 500 homes available priced from $300,000 to $13 million. If you are a snowmobile or ski enthusiasts buying a lake home is the perfect answer to four seasons fun and adventure for your whole family.  The homes aging on the market right now have eager sellers looking to move on to a different phase of their life.   Call us today. For additional information on this home call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view similar lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Lake Winnipesaukee Luxury Real Estate for Sale. Alton

Winnipesaukee real estate

Log Home in Alton with a 5 bay boat house and sandy beach

lake Winnipesaukee real estate

5 Bedroom Victorian on 1 Acre of land

If you are looking for that perfect ski and boating location Lake Winnipesaukee has some great real estate choices.  These are 2 new listings in the Alton area as the southern tip of this 43,000 acre lake.  Boston is just 1.5 hours away or you can be on the Golf Course in Wolfeboro in 25 minutes or on the ski slopes at Gunstock Ski Resort in less than 20 minutes.  You have your choice of a 5 bedroom Victorian or a 3 bedroom log home.  Who says boat houses are hard to come by, the log home listing on Smith Point has a 5 bay boat house so you can keep your entire boat collection in the water under cover.  Both Homes are priced around $1 million and listed by Jodi Hughes of  Prudential Spencer-Hughes Real Estate.

For additional information on these homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view similar lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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New Hampshire Luxury Lakefront Home Inventory


6 Bedroom Luxury Lakefront Home on Winnipesaukee

6 Bedroom Luxury Lakefront Home on Winnipesaukee

If you are looking for a lakefront vacation home that is close to golf and ski resorts New Hampshire's lakes region has you covered.  Currently there are 31 homes available priced at $3 million and above.  Most of the available luxury homes are located on Lake Winnipesaukee our largest lake at 42,000 acres.  Winnipesaukee's luxury homes are located around the lake, the majority of the luxury class homes are located in Wolfeboro ( Oldest Summer Resort in the USA ).  One home is listed for $13.6 million and two priced at $7 million.  Of the 31 homes listed over $3 million Wolfeboro has one third of the inventory.  Meredith located at the northeast corner of the lake has 3 listings at $4 million, $4.7 million and $7.5 million. Gilford sitting at the base of Gunstock Ski Resort has 2 listings at $10 million and 1 listings at $7 million  on Exclusive Governors' Island. Squam our second largest and most exclusive lake in NH has 5 homes listed from $3.1 million to $3.7 million.  Don't expect the Squam homes to spectacular Adirondack homes, they are typically rustic homes from the 1930's or 40's.  They typically have large lots and very private locations.  Squam is referred to as Golden Pond.   Sunapee located just west of the Lakes Region has 2 luxury listings.  Newbury at the southern section of this 4,000 acre lake has one of the listings at $3.2 million and just minutes to Sunapee Ski Resort and a home located on the Gold Coast New London priced at $5.5 million.  NH Lakes area has over 250 lakes with each offering a unique experience.  For those budget minded luxury buyers there are an additional 37 homes available priced from $2 million to $3 million and just under 100 additional  listings price from $1 million to $2 million.  December 4, 2013. For additional information on luxury homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at   or visit our website to view  lakefront homes in New Hampshire at or

If you are not ready to purchase at this point please send us what you are looking for and we will keep you posted on the current inventory of homes in your price range.

lake winnipesaukee real estate

Luxury Winnipesaukee home with 2 car attached garage and 2 car detach garage

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Buying A Second Home, Match your Agent to the Property.

Buying a second home is a ton of work and a lot of fun. Don't just run with any agent, find an agent who is an expert in the type of home you are looking for he does not have to be an expert golfer or skier but should know about the ski resorts and golf courses in the area and what they have to offer. Your lake expert needs in depth knowledge of the lakes size, water quality and general attractions in the area. Technically a lake home located in the perfect location can serve as a golf and ski home.Squam Lake Real Estate

When you are finally ready to own a second home you have a few choices.  A ski house slope side or in town, log home in the woods, a view home, a golf community or a lake home. I am a bit partial to the lake home. Your lake home purchase can be close to skiing, golf and of course you will have a view, you may also find a home in the woods on the water to boot. When starting the search  process you can look at tons of homes on tons of websites but  most first time homebuyers enlist a real estate agent to help them through the process. Buying a vacation home is complicated and when it's your first time, you feel like you could use some hand-holding.

Real estate agents provide a valuable service if you find an hire a knowledgeable agent.  If you need some dental work done you call a dentist, why just call any real estate agent. Your agent should have experience with all the lakes in the area, shoreline rules, water quality, golf courses in the area, ski resorts , hiking trails, snowmobile information and even what types of fish is in the lakes.

Here are some tips that will help you, as a first time homebuyer, take full advantage of today's real estate market and get the most out of your relationship with your real estate agent. Carl and Paula are located in the NH Lakes Area that includes Sunapee, Ossipee, Squam, Winnipesaukee, Wentworth, Winnisquam, Newfound plus hundreds of smaller lakes.

1. Your agent is your agent

Your real estate professional is your agent: he or she works for you, gives you advice on the lakes and the area attractions around the area.  Water quality to shoreline rules.  Ask your agent what an oligotrophic lake is?  If they have to get back to you they don't know lakes.

2. Only fools fall in love

After you've looked at a few houses that weren't quite right, your agent will probably tell you not to get discouraged, and that eventually you will "fall in love" with the right property.  Remember buy the lake, the lot and then the home.  You can't change to lake, the lot but you can tear down the home and rebuild.

3. Time is not on your side

Your agent is going to tell you that you have to move quickly and make the best offer possible when you find the right property.  Realtors are professionals and are not in the business of wasting time. We are going to bring you to quality properties that meet your criteria.  If they tell you the property is a diamond and you fall in love with it take action.  If you don't other buyers will.  If it is meant to be is just an excuse. Take action or stop looking for a home.


4. Your agent is not your friend

Your agent performs valuable services in the real estate transaction. Once he helps you find that perfect property the work starts.  Did you talk about shoreline rules, tree cutting, putting on additions, lot lines, septic, well and what steps need to be taken to secure the property and protect your interests. The agent works for you and expects you to work with them.


5. Your offer has to make sense.

Do your research prior to making an offer.  Your agent should supply you with current sales in the area and you can do your own research online. When comparing homes and sales compare apples to apples. You can't compare a 4 bedroom home on a large lake with a sandy beach and sunsets to that same home on a small pond.  Put the sales in a spread sheet and compare all the attributes.


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