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Buying A Second Home, Match your Agent to the Property.

Buying a second home is a ton of work and a lot of fun. Don't just run with any agent, find an agent who is an expert in the type of home you are looking for he does not have to be an expert golfer or skier but should know about the ski resorts and golf courses in the area and what they have to offer. Your lake expert needs in depth knowledge of the lakes size, water quality and general attractions in the area. Technically a lake home located in the perfect location can serve as a golf and ski home.Squam Lake Real Estate

When you are finally ready to own a second home you have a few choices.  A ski house slope side or in town, log home in the woods, a view home, a golf community or a lake home. I am a bit partial to the lake home. Your lake home purchase can be close to skiing, golf and of course you will have a view, you may also find a home in the woods on the water to boot. When starting the search  process you can look at tons of homes on tons of websites but  most first time homebuyers enlist a real estate agent to help them through the process. Buying a vacation home is complicated and when it's your first time, you feel like you could use some hand-holding.

Real estate agents provide a valuable service if you find an hire a knowledgeable agent.  If you need some dental work done you call a dentist, why just call any real estate agent. Your agent should have experience with all the lakes in the area, shoreline rules, water quality, golf courses in the area, ski resorts , hiking trails, snowmobile information and even what types of fish is in the lakes.

Here are some tips that will help you, as a first time homebuyer, take full advantage of today's real estate market and get the most out of your relationship with your real estate agent. Carl and Paula are located in the NH Lakes Area that includes Sunapee, Ossipee, Squam, Winnipesaukee, Wentworth, Winnisquam, Newfound plus hundreds of smaller lakes.

1. Your agent is your agent

Your real estate professional is your agent: he or she works for you, gives you advice on the lakes and the area attractions around the area.  Water quality to shoreline rules.  Ask your agent what an oligotrophic lake is?  If they have to get back to you they don't know lakes.

2. Only fools fall in love

After you've looked at a few houses that weren't quite right, your agent will probably tell you not to get discouraged, and that eventually you will "fall in love" with the right property.  Remember buy the lake, the lot and then the home.  You can't change to lake, the lot but you can tear down the home and rebuild.

3. Time is not on your side

Your agent is going to tell you that you have to move quickly and make the best offer possible when you find the right property.  Realtors are professionals and are not in the business of wasting time. We are going to bring you to quality properties that meet your criteria.  If they tell you the property is a diamond and you fall in love with it take action.  If you don't other buyers will.  If it is meant to be is just an excuse. Take action or stop looking for a home.


4. Your agent is not your friend

Your agent performs valuable services in the real estate transaction. Once he helps you find that perfect property the work starts.  Did you talk about shoreline rules, tree cutting, putting on additions, lot lines, septic, well and what steps need to be taken to secure the property and protect your interests. The agent works for you and expects you to work with them.


5. Your offer has to make sense.

Do your research prior to making an offer.  Your agent should supply you with current sales in the area and you can do your own research online. When comparing homes and sales compare apples to apples. You can't compare a 4 bedroom home on a large lake with a sandy beach and sunsets to that same home on a small pond.  Put the sales in a spread sheet and compare all the attributes.


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