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Seasonal cottages take a little more effort but some of the below apply to year-round homes. Prepare a checklist! Here are a few basic items you want to look at.  

  1. Drain all the water pipes and add RV antifreeze: Including - dishwasher-washer - water heater - toilets - hot tub - well pump - filtration system
  2. Unplug all the appliances and open the refrigerator door.    
  3. Turn off all un-necessary breakers.
  4. Remove all food.
  5. Inspect the roof with some binoculars
  6. Close all gaps in the foundation, doors, windows, and siding.  Mice are crafty.
  7. Clean the gutters
  8. Winterize lawn mowers and outboards and put gas saver in any gas tanks.
  9. Your home needs to look lived in, have the driveway plowed and ask a neighbor to drive in and out of it giving it that lived in look.
  10. 10. Turned the heat down to 55 or 60
  11. 11. Double check to make sure all windows and doors are locked when exiting.
  12. 12. Put your cable/internet on vacation mode if possible. 
  13. 13.Don’t post your plans on social media or post while you are away! 
  14. 14. Don't forget to cover outdoor furniture and boats. 

If you have any interest in purchasing a New Hampshire lakefront home Lady of the Lake Realty has been in business since 1999 and we have exhaustive knowledge of the lakes.  

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Make your Lake Home Dream Come True


Seven helpful points when you start your search.

1. Location, Location, Location,
New Hampshire Lakes Region is arguably the most beautiful area in New England where the lakes meet the mountains.  

2. Boating, Fishing, Skiing, Golf, Attractions, Quiet
. There is a NH lake that offers you all the amenities your family is looking for. Fun is at your fingertips, from fine restaurants, concert venues to abundant hiking and biking trails. 

3. Choosing your Lake?
With hundreds of lakes to choose from and miles of shoreline, you might have a hard time choosing the perfect lake. Consider whether you want a go fast big-water lake, or you’d prefer a quiet non-motoring lake for kayaking. 

4. Match Your Lifestyle to the home and lake.
Custom luxury estate or a cozy cottage? Sandy beach, private location, sunsets or sunrise?  Lady of the Lake Realty can match your lifestyle to a lake and a home that meets your criteria.  We can guide you to a lake that your family will enjoy for years to come. 

5. Think Long-Term
Your lake property may be enjoyed by multiple generations of your extended family and will create memories of a lifetime.  If you are planning on retiring to New Hampshire we have no sales tax, no inheritance tax, no income tax plus no capital gains tax.  

6. It’s All About the Water
When looking for the perfect lake house remember buy on a quality lake, you can always change the home. Ideally, the home would be on a level lot, with a sandy swimming and all day sun. 

There are 250 lakes and ponds in the lakes region. Call the lake specialists at Lady of the Lake Realty and we can direct you to a property that matches your dream.  

7. What is the best time to purchase?
Get your financing lined up, determine an area you would like to live and start looking for your dream home. When you find that home get in your car to view it. 

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