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Women's Intermediate Fly-Fishing Weekend: May 3-5 in Walpole NH

CONCORD, N.H. -- Registration opens March 4 at  for a Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) Intermediate Fly-Fishing Weekend on May  3-5, 2013, at Alyson's Orchard in Walpole, N.H. Participants should have some  fly-fishing experience.  Applications may  only be submitted by mail.

"The goal of this course is to help attendees move  towards independence as fly-anglers," said Karina Walsh, who coordinates  the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Let's Go Fishing Program, which  teams up with BOW to present the program.

The event begins with registration on the evening of  Friday, May 3, and concludes at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 5. The cost for the  weekend is $295, which includes all meals, lodging, instruction and materials.

Participants will stay in Rochambeau Lodge (two persons  per room) at Alyson's Orchard in Walpole, N.H.  (  Linens  will be provided; baths are shared. Meals will be served family-style in the  lodge dining room, with bag lunches provided for the two days afield.

The course will cover the finer points of casting, such  as accuracy, timing and shooting the line; reading the water and then picking a  proper fly and knowing how to cast it; what to do when you catch a fish -  playing and releasing; and angling ethics.   Participants will have the opportunity to fish both still and moving  water.  Attendees must supply their own  rod and reel.  A fishing license is not  required during scheduled class time.

The Connecticut River Valley provides a scenic backdrop  for this event. The river and its corridor are home to nearly 300 species of  native animals.  The Connecticut is a  nationally recognized trout fishing river. Fish and Game helps to meet angler  demand by stocking approximately 33,750 trout into the Connecticut River each  year. The river is also home to perch, bass, pickerel, walleye, pike, shad and  alewife.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman programs in New Hampshire are  co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the New  Hampshire Wildlife Federation.  Looking for a trout pond to fish on call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at or

Information taken from the NH Fish and Game website

Doing a Home Inspection, common Inspection items to look for.

Old or New do a complete Inspection

Old or New do a complete Inspection

The home inspection is a crucial part of the real estate transaction and we strongly urge that you have a complete inspection done. Prior to the inspection the seller is stressing about unknown defects in the home unless they did some pre-planning and had a pre-inspection done.  The buyer looked at the home with rose colored glasses only seeing the beautiful cabinets, lake view, sandy beach but really never looked under the rug or opened the cabinets up.  Time has stopped while the inspector selected starts the process of looking for the good and the bad.

Selecting an inspector in NH is an easy process. I recommend  interviewing several inspectors. You can find licensed NH Home inspectors at  Talk to them about the report you will be getting, some offer only a written report you will leave with at the end of the inspection or an online version that will be posted that evening or the next morning.

Post Inspection: The inspection is done, the  buyer  must follow the timeline laid out in your purchase and sales agreement and present the findings to the seller on time. At this point you may have a back and forth with the seller to satisfy the inspection findings.

Some items the inspector will look at.

1. Roofing

The inspector will look at the condition, age and look in the home and attic for any roof issues that you would need to be concerned with.

2. Water Damage On The Ceiling

Ceiling stains? They are common in home and may indicate past or current leaks.  The home inspector must determine  the source of the leak, if it was repaired and if it might happen again.

3. Electrical Items

One of the top safety violations home inspectors run into are electrical. The inspector will inspect all outlets and check for GFI''s in the kitchen, garage, bathrooms and the exterior of the home. He will also focus on looking for ungrounded outlets to exposed wires.  He will  open the electric panel and look for improper wiring, often found in the box are wires doubled up, this needs to be corrected.  The home may have met code when built but safety come first when electrical items are found. Have them fixed.

4. Drainage - basement water

The inspector will look for current water issues in the basement and test the sump pump if the home has one installed.  He may make a recommendation regarding the grading around the home or perimeter drains if he sees a water problem around the foundation.

5. Wood Rot

Rotted wood  could be anywhere and go unnoticed for years. Inside and outside locations to look are your home's trim, eaves,  decks, bathroom and kitchen areas.  Some inspector for an extra charge have a moisture meter to read behind walls and ceiling for moisture.

6.  Home additions and remodeling

Code violations can often be found when homeowner's make additions and alterations without a permit. Ask to see permits?

7.  Fireplaces and wood-stoves

Chimneys  need to be checked for proper linings and if they are clean. An unlined chimney should not be used and if the chimney has not been cleaned. A chimney sweep should be called in. The inspector will also look at the crown of the chimney and the hardware for the damper.

8. Plumbing

Plumbing defects can run rampant. Things from dripping faucets, slow to leaking drains are just some of the things commonly found

9. Water Heaters

Water heaters are looked at to determine the age, safety issues and  life expectancy.

10. Mold/Radon

I recommend a water radon and radon air test.  If the home has radon they can easily be mediated .   If the inspector finds signs of mold I would recommend getting a mold inspector in the home to assess what is there.

11. Water

If the home has a dug or drilled well I would recommend a full battery of tests including arsenic and metals.  The lab when done with give you a complete outline of the water results.

12. Septic

Have the septic system checked out even if the system is brand new. This is a very expensive item that needs to be functioning correctly.   The inspector will look at the leach field and tank looking for industry standards.

13. Windows

Your inspector will also pay special attention to the windows. All must lock and function correctly.




Overview:  Seller:  I would recommend a pre-inspection, find out what needs to be corrected prior to the buyers inspection and get the items fixed.   Buyer:  Do all the inspections the full radon air and water, full battery of water tests, septic inspection and mold if found.

All the inspection items can be worked out when both parties work together. For additional information on lake  homes in New Hampshire call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate Inventory - Winter 2013

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate

Washington Cruising to Center Harbor

Lake Winnipesaukee is just over 42,000 acres and is located in central New Hampshire. "The Lakes Region". The towns that surround the lake include Wolfeboro, Alton, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough and Tuftonboro.  The lake is located 2 hours north of Boston and  minutes south of the NH White Mountains with easy access to some of the best ski areas in New England. Golf, Hiking, Snowmobiling, Sailing, Fishing are among some of the activities at hand along with a wonderful concert venue at Meadowbrook in Gilford and local Playhouses scattered around the lake.  Winnipesaukee is one of the few lakes in New Hampshire where on your vacation you can boat to the local towns to grocery shop and visit your favorite restaurant and never have to start your car.

The current inventory of homes available include 15 island properties that you can access during the summer or mid winter months. Pricing on Island homes ranges from $200,000 to $600,000. Remember these are seasonal residences.

You have a total of 127 mainland homes available in the price range from $465,000 to $14,000,000 range.   63 homes are in the$1,500,000 $7,500,000 with 5 homes priced in excess of  $7,500,000 with the majority of the remaining homes in the $700,000 to $1,250,000 range.

There are condo's available from $50,000 for a one bedroom unit to luxury condo's just under $700,000, some may include a dock or a mooring for your boat.

The majority of the lake inventory is on Winnipesaukee but we also service Sunapee, Squam, Winnisquam, Great East Lake, Ossipee, Waukewan, Merrymeeting, Wentworth and Bow Lake.

For those looking towards retirement NH does not have a sales or income tax and is one of the lowest tax burden states. Our State Motto is Live Free or Die. For additional information on all NH Lake Homes  call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Ten Best Front Door Colors for your House

Front doors should be an accent color. In other words, they should be a strong, dramatic, bold shade. Usually, your front door colour should not be repeated anywhere else on your house although I have seen some exceptions to that rule.

Beauti-Tone Paint which is sold exclusively at Home Hardware sent me their best front door colours recently so if it's time to paint your front door this season, here are some perfect colours to choose from.  See below Sherwin Williams equivalents.

1. Beauti-Tone: Wet Sands 3H2-7

With this Midas Touch, your home will look like a million bucks and your neighbors will be wondering why they didn't think of it.


2. Beauti-Tone: Green Conifer Hills 5141EC

The Secret to this classic dark green is that it is infused with black. Rich, deep, sublime.




3. Beauti-Tone: Earthenware 3E1-8

A friendly, earthy colour that beckons you in and helps you feel grounded.



4. Beauti-Tone: Direct Line 436

When purple is perfect it is downright majestic


5. Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007

Like a uniform or a great business suit, this colour commands respect. A door colour that says 'sophisticated success'.



6. Beauti-Tone: Gitano FD038

There's nothing seventies about this brown. A new contemporary espresso shade, the perfect blend between black and brown.


7. Beauti-Tone: Loving it 3C2-8

Like finding that perfect shade of lipstick, this is the red that commands attention in all the right ways.


8. Beauti-Tone: Grey Eyeshadow SC047

Harmony resides here. Not too warm, not too cold, a grey in perfect balance



9. Beauti-Tone: Hidden Mountains 5135EC

This shade of aubergine is a fashion statement, true haute hue.



10. Beauti-Tone: Quinte HD016

A Deep rich full-bodied burgandy, as rich and robust as a fine French wine.

For my American readers here are the same colors in Sherwin Williams, 1: (6383) 2: (6994) 3: (6342) 5: (6538) 4: (6545) 6: (6006) 7: (6321) 8: (7060) 9: (6552) 10: (6300)

Which colour will your front door be this year?


Taken from the Maria Killam Blog


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Calling All Turkey Watchers – More Sightings Encouraged

turkey_pair_bw_drawingCONCORD, N.H. - The New Hampshire Fish and Game  Department is reminding turkey watchers to report sightings of winter wild  turkey flocks at the Department's online survey at Turkeys often gather in large, highly  visible flocks during the winter. Report any turkeys observed through March 31,  2013.  Please do not report multiple  sightings of the same flock.

The winter flock survey bolsters Fish and Game's  understanding of the abundance and distribution of turkeys during New  Hampshire's challenging winter months. It helps fill in the gaps in Fish and Game's  existing winter flock data collection efforts. Knowledge of the status of  wintering turkeys is particularly important in New Hampshire, because severe  winter weather and limited natural food supplies can present serious challenges  for wild turkeys.

"This reporting system allows the public to contribute  important information to our understanding of winter turkey status in an  inexpensive and enjoyable way," said Ted Walski, Turkey Project Leader at Fish  and Game. "We would especially like to get more reports from towns in the North  Country."

Last winter, people responding to the survey reported  1,180 flocks, totaling 20,295 turkeys.

New Hampshire has an estimated 45,000 wild turkeys. Their  presence here is a true wildlife restoration success story. Wild turkeys had  disappeared from New Hampshire by the mid-1800s because of unregulated harvest  and habitat loss from extensive land clearing. Their recovery in the state  began with the successful reintroduction of 25 turkeys by N.H. Fish and Game in  1975.

Turkey research in New Hampshire is funded by the federal  Wildlife Restoration Program, supported by an excise tax on the purchase of  sporting firearms, fishing supplies and motorboat fuel.

N.H. Fish and Game works in partnership with the public  to conserve and manage the state's fish, wildlife and marine resources and  their habitats. Visit

Taken from the NH Fish and Game Website:


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Lake Winnipesaukee & Squam Lake Real Estate Update

Bow Lake Resident Eagle

Bow Lake Resident Eagle

NH Lakes Region  Lake home sales are just starting to heat up here in the Lakes Region. Luxury lakefront  homes on Lake Winnipesaukee ( 43,000 acres ) and Squam Lake ( 6,750 acres ) are just starting to be listed.  February 10th to the 16 we had a total of 19 new listings.  We had 5 new luxury listings on Winnipesaukee in the  $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 range.  On exclusive Squam Lake we had 2 new listings, one seasonal Cottage at basement prices for Squam at just over $1,000,000 and an beautiful Adirondack with boat house for just over $2,400,000.  The additional listing are on smaller lakes in the 500 acres range with the exception of one home on 1200 acre Bow Lake.

Bow Lake is one of my favorite lakes. Islands to explore along with a resident Bald Eagle nesting just off shore on an island with Loon nesting boxes below.

If you would like to learn more about the New Hampshire Lakes Regions contact us. There are over 200 lakes and ponds to choose from. All have golf courses and hiking trails near by and most are within 30 minutes of some great skiing.


For additional information on lake homes in NH call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Squam Lake Real Estate, Squam Lake Access property. New Construction!!

squam lake real estate NH

New Energy Efficient Homes with access to the lake at the Marina

Squam lake access homeAshland NH   Squam River Landing is a thoughtfully planned, residential community designed to be woven within the Squam Lake watershed and community by encouraging sustainable and responsible construction. Experienced developer / builder and property management on site. This home is a to be built home and can be customized to fit your needs inside and out. It will be built with high performance construction for energy efficient rating. The Squam River Landing community also offers alternative home site locations and additional floor plans. Access to Squam is available through deeded boat slips via Riveredge Marina, an affiliated company of the Squam River Landing Developer. Community amenities include conservation land, trail systems, a clubhouse and shower house at lake level. The executed sale for this home is contingent on the completion of the phase one infrastructure currently scheduled for October 2013.  Close to PSU, Speare Hospital, Loon Mtn, Waterville Valley and Cannon Ski Mtn. Easy access from 93 from exits 24 or 25.  Manchester is 45 minutes and Boston is 1.45 hours.  Listed by Sippican Partners Brokerage LLC. K. Klafter. For additional information on this home call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view similar lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Wind Turbines Moratorium Proposal Splits Environmental Community

NH Lakes Region  The controversy over the development of wind farms in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire has caused a split in the state's environmental groups. That split was on display during a hearing over a proposed moratorium on wind development.

Wind opponents came to Concord with two busloads of residents from the Newfound Lake Region, who gave heated testimony, like that from Campton's Thomas Anninger. "Wind towers are clean energy. That means no C02 or very little," Anninger said, "The major downside of these wind towers they require an enormous amount of space. And it's not just ordinary space, it is our mountaintops, it is those high forests, it is the ridgelines that I think define with is beautiful about New Hampshire."

This is exactly the conundrum that splits the environmental community.

The Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, and the Conservation Law Foundation oppose a wind moratorium, which the Sierra Club's Catherine Corkery calls using a fire-hose to put out a match. These groups say a moratorium would impede progress being made toward the states renewable energy goals.

Meanwhile the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the Audubon Society, and the Appalachian Mount Club support putting a temporary hold on projects. They say state officials don't have a comprehensive set of criteria for siting wind-farms but are instead quote "essentially making it up as they go along."    Taken from NH Public Radio's website written by Sam Evans-Brown

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate, Located in Low Tax Towns


3 bedrooms - 3 baths - 2 car garage - private .46 acres

3 bedrooms - 3 baths - 2 car garage - private .46 acres


Tuftonboro NH New Construction! Superbly crafted 3,000 plus square foot Lake Home situated in most desirable Winter Harbor on Lake Winnipesaukee offers 1st floor master bedroom suite overlooking the lake and 2 bedrooms upstairs.  3 bedroom septic design available, permit is in process. Hickory and ceramic floors, open concept,  gourmet kitchen, lots of windows with lovely views throughout.   Radiant ceramic floors in the lower level which walks out to shower, sandy beach, & dock. Plenty of room for everyone. 2 car detached garage. Great for year round living and easy access to activities!


2.78 acres in Bald Peak Colony Club on the water

2.78 acres in Bald Peak Colony Club on the water


Moultonborough NH  Bald Peak Colony Club "On The Water" With mature & gorgeous landscaping all in a private and wooded setting. This property's structural footprint of 100' x 40' is within 10 feet of the shoreline with an expansive deck that overhangs the shoreline. Located on 2.78 acres with 300 feet of waterfront. Built in 1950; a traditional deck house with additional lower level living space all with walk out sliders. The home seems in excellent structural condition with total glass on the waterside, it is dated but could be refurbished or expanded to a second floor within the footprint to a magnificent on-the-water property. Bald Peak is a gated community with gorgeous grounds, day docking and over 300 feet of level sandy beach, yet all of the homes are very private and extremely well kept. Sitting on this deck, you are as good as in your boat with western exposure, sunsets plus you're in the quiet part of the lake. Come enjoy this property as-is or build your unparalleled waterfront estate.  Both listed by Maxfield Real Estate. R. Parker. Information Taken from NNEREN. MLS    For additional information on this home call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view similar lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Squam Lake New Hampshire Luxury Estate - Boat House - Guest Cottage


Squam Lake Real Estate

Sandy Beach - Mountain Views - Guest Cottage - Boat House


Holderness - Located on peaceful & serene Squam Lake, this unique property has it all in one perfect package.  The 1.55 acre lot includes a beautiful lake house that was built in 2009, a water's edge 2 bedroom guest cottage, 2-bay boathouse, gorgeous views & 320' of pristine frontage with one of the most desirable sugar sand beaches on the Lake. The main house features 4 bedroom suites, including a first floor master with private balcony. First floor has a fantastic custom kitchen, timber peg accented great room with field stone fireplace, formal dining area, den, a second bedroom suite & a screened porch overlooking the bay. Lower level offers two additional bedroom suites, family room, exercise room, & wood shop. The guest cottage at the water's edge is the perfect place for visitors to enjoy summer fun & beautiful sunsets from the wrap-around deck.  The vintage 2-bay boathouse brings you back in time, while providing sheltered storage for your boats & four additional docking spots. This home is centrally located with easy access to Golf - Skiing - Restaurants - Shopping and plenty of areas to hike.  Fly into Boston 2 hours or Manchester  1 hours by car.  Listed by ReMax Bayside, R. Wichland. Information taken from NNEREN MLS. For additional information on this home call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view similar lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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