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Reason's your home is not selling, price - condition - location??


lake Winnipesaukee real estate

Are you the Eagle or Prey

Your home has  been on the market for months and you can't understand why . Your agent has shown the home at least once a week and all the reports he is showing that the home is being viewed online tons of times. What is the problem?? Well to start with did you notice the water stain in the kitchen ceiling or the lovely harvest gold stove and refrigerator combination you bought new in the 70's. If you did not notice them that is the first thing the buyers noticed, not to mention some clutter in the yard plus you  have so much furniture you can barely squeeze through each room.

What you see as comforts, working appliances, plenty of furniture for guests  and  that patch in the ceiling that solved a leak 5 years ago, the buyer see's deferred maintenance and lack of pride in ownership.

So what can you do without breaking the bank and move this home? Have your realtor stop by and make some notes on what should be done or have an expert in the field give you a hand (staging ).

Start with some planning. ( get rid of  stuff )

Walk around the exterior of  your home, detail each rooms inventory and don't forget the basement and garage.

1. Clean out the garage and organize the basement. Get some bins or boxes and label them for future reference.

2. Kitchen, you could buy some new appliances but at least make sure the cabinets are well organized, the refrigerator is clean and you don't have piles of stuff.

3. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and plant a few flowers.

Every buyer that comes out with me to see a lakefront home tells me they are handy and would love a fixer upper. Sorry to say they do not want to fix anything........... The only way to make up for this is to lower the price.

Match the marketing plan to the home.

The days of open houses and newspapers are almost gone. It is all about social media and a web presence.  Everyone has a website, look for websites online to find out if your agents website is listed. If you are selling a lake home, type in the lake or location and see what comes up. The tech savy agents sites will be on the first page, do a couple of keyword searches to get a clear view of the results.  Social Media, just because you see all the icons on the website doesn't mean they are using them. Click on the blog to see when the last post was, most you will find will be outdated articles 6 weeks to 6 months old. Look for an agent who knows the value of the Internet and how to work it. Be sure you're not getting a real estate agent that just puts your house on the MLS and then sits back to wait for other agents to come to them. Discuss with your agent a plan that matches your home.  Make sure the agent uses some top notch photography, if you see them with a cell phone you are already headed in the wrong direction. Photography sells homes!  Review the write up that goes with the listing. Does that write up describe your home.  Executive home with gorgeous sunsets, open water mountain view and a child friendly sandy beach with a deep water dock, or does it read dock, westerly exposure, beach and views.  Sell the benefits not the features.

When to list your home?

Number one rule!  Don't list it until the home is ready and you are willing to let buyers in!  I can't tell you how many times I see a great new listing come on and I have buyers coming up on a Saturday to see lake homes and I call the agent only to hear back that the owner is not ready to show the home! My buyers matches the home and you don't want to show it to him?  Don't list it until ready. Second if you have a tenant in the home get some agreement with them in writing on when you can show the home or if your selling your vacation home and have it in the rental pool, make arrangements with the vacationers to get buyers in, not everyone can see the home on a Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm show time between renters. Why list it if you are going to waste time and energy if it will be impossible to see the home.  A common saying in real estate is "If you can't show it, you can't sell it." The fresh new listing gets all the attention, don't loose the momentum before it gets going.

Your not the buyer - stage the home for the seller

I was showing this lovely home on Lovell Lake to my buyers, on the walls of the home were all the children's and grandchildren's photos and trophies on the mantel.  My buyers comment was they did not feel right buying this home as all those memories would be lost. Remove all the family photo's and trophies including the deer, duck and moose mounts.  Move some of your stuff out of the house and paint the rooms a neutral color so the buyer is able to let their imagination run and so they are able to see themselves living in the home.

Your house looks like it's run down

Remember that water stain? Home buyers will notice it and even though the roof is brand new, not fixing the damage will make them still believe there is a problem. Paint rooms or at least touch them up and carpets need a good cleaning too.  You don't want a potential buyer to be turned off because they think they will have to replace it.

You're pricing the home too high

Depending on the situation, if a buyer needs a home to live in they will aggressively shop until they find a home that works for them. If your home is over priced they will looked at it but avoid making an offer as not to insult you.  Second home buyers will wait you out.  You fixed up the home and it is staged properly and it has been on the market for 90 days?? Location and price, are you priced to high for the location the home is in. You may have a ton of money into remodeling unfortunately you may have the best home in the area and the rest of the homes are dragging you down.  You may have to adjust your price if you want to sell. Today's buyers are well educated, they are using all the online resources to value your home. Your job is the sizzle.  It may be the price or the amenities the home has to offer.  Sell Sizzle.



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Newfound Lake Real Estate, 2 Parcels including 101 feet of private shoreline

Newfound lake land for sale Alexandria NH:  Newfound Lake

Wonderful Newfound Lake Waterfront Combination. Buildable lot is across the street and will provide nice lake views once cleared.  Waterfront lot is a beauty with two large rocks framing the water-frontage. Includes Lots 202/25/03 and 202/75/03. DOCK PERMIT INCLUDED.  Newfound Lake is just over 4,400 acres, this glacial  lake is the cleanest lake in the state of New Hampshire.  Within a 15 minute drive you can be on the slopes skiing, hiking or golfing. Just north in Plymouth a college town you will find plenty of restaurants and shopping.  Newfound is also know for some of the best Lake trout fishing in the region and if snowmobiling is of interest the main corridor runs right off the lake.  1 hour to Manchester and 1.45 hours to Boston.

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NH Lakes Region Lakefront Sales Update - Winnipesaukee Real Estate

website photo's 013New Hampshire Lakes Region Lakefront inventory update. Spring hit us last week with a snow storm and as in the previous week we  had 19 new lakefront  owned  listings come on the market.  Fourteen of the nineteen listing were on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Seldom do we see listings on Winnipesaukee for less than $400,000. Last week we had a completely remodeled home come on the market in Alton for less than $400,000. The balance of the listings ranged from $515,000 to $3,400,000. We also saw listings on Province lake in Wakefield, Crystal Lake, Gilmanton and a newly renovation home on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield. Fourteen shared waterfront homes found there way to the market in the $70,000 to $619,000 range.  ( Bow - Waukewan - Winnipesaukee - Pemigewasset to name a few ) Sales are starting to pick up with 4 lakefront sales last week and 5 shared waterfront access homes.

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April 1 Deadline for Removing Bobhouses from Ice in New Hampshire

ice fishing - 1 kidCONCORD, N.H. - Attention ice anglers: All bob-houses,  also known as ice shanties, must be removed from the ice no later than the end  of the day on April 1 according to state law.   Once it's off the ice, do not leave bob-houses on public or private  property without permission - that's also a violation of state law - so if you've  moved your bob-house to the shoreline, take care to move the structure to your  own property.

The law is designed to ensure that bob-houses and their  contents don't fall through the ice and become a hazard to boaters or get left  behind on shore, explained Sgt. Dave Eskeland of the New Hampshire Fish and  Game Department's Law Enforcement Division.

Failure to remove a bob-house from public waters, public  property or private property by the deadline can result in a fine and a  one-year loss of the owner's fishing license.   In cases where Conservation Officers cannot identify the bob-house owner,  Fish and Game has the authority to seize any bob-house and its contents not  removed by the deadline.

For more information, contact your local Conservation Officer  or Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division in Concord at (603) 271-3127.

Taken from the NH Fish and Game Website.

Lakefront Home in NH or a Boat Slip - Docks for Sale

Slip 55 is Available under assessed value

Slip 55 is Available under assessed value

Meredith NH, Lake Winnipesaukee  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get the big lake experience why not purchase a dock. Trailering your boat is a hassle and often you have to wait at the launch to get in the water and a longer wait to get out plus put up with all the tempers flaring after a hot day on the lake.  There are some great options on Winnipesaukee, Squam, Newfound and Sunapee.

1. Rack Storage: - This is a slick way to get your boat in the water when you are ready to use it.  Basically your boat is stored out of the water, safe and dry and when you call the boat yard they will pick up your boat with a fork lift and place it in the water at the dock for you on your scheduled time. When you return from boating they place it back in the rack. Out of the water safe and sound.

2. In Water Storage: This is the most ideal setup. You own the boat dock and can come and go as you please without making a phone call or notifying anyone. Some of slips have electric and can accommodate overnights.  Prior to purchasing the slip do some advance planning for the future.  If you purchase a dock that holds an 18 foot boat and your ultimate plan is for a 24 foot boat match the slip to the larger boat otherwise you will be selling the dock and your boat in your upgrade.

Current Docks Available

33 Docks on Winnipesaukee priced from $7000 for a rack to $149,000 for a 30 foot dock in Wolfeboro

7 Docks on Sunapee ranging from $59,000 to $168,000 for a covered slip in Newbury.

9 Docks on Squam ranging from $72,000 to a luxury double slip for $214,000, these are luxury covered docks with storage built in's

Ossipee- Newfound  also have slips available.  Current listings can hold up to a 36 foot boat. Now is the time to buy!!

What to look for! Parking - Beach - Bathrooms - Service Marina - Close to Shopping - Restaurants - Entertainment - Don't forget the fishing

We currently have a dock available in Meredith at the Bay Shore Yacht Club.  Wonderful club house, outdoor grills, plenty of showers and parking. A full service marina to work on your boat midweek so you are out on the lake not towing the boat around.  Best of all it is a short drive off 93 and a shorter walk into town. For additional information on docks or homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at  or

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NH home sales rise 4.2 percent

Suncook Lakefront home, new construction

Suncook Lakefront home, new construction

New Hampshire experienced a 4.2 percent increase in home sales year over year in February, according to data released Wednesday by Re/ Max of New England.

The state's median home price jumped 8.8 percent to $185,000, up from $170,000 this time last year.

For the first time in months, median prices are increasing instead of staying flat year over year in New England, Re/ Max reported. Vermont saw the largest increase in median price, followed by Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. In addition to median prices, units sold and pending sales are also up, while inventory is down 20 percent, year over year.

"Sellers are still a little reluctant to list their home, forcing inventory to decrease as sellers wait for the temperature to rise and spring to set in," said Dan Breault, executive vice president and regional director of Re/Max of New England. "The New England market is starting to see median prices uptick, as buyers are in bidding wars for the limited properties on the market."

Taken from the NH Union Leader Newsreel, March 21, 2013

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New Hampshire Weekly Lakefront Real Estate Update, March 11th- 18th 2013

lake winnipesaukee real estate

Call us for the perfect home, beach and sunset

New Hampshire Lakes Region and Sunapee Region Lakefront inventory update. Last week it seemed like spring was approaching. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and the lakes region is experiencing a blast of snow with 10 inches already on the ground. Some great listings are starting to come on the market and if you want to be lakeside by Memorial Day now is the time to get out and start your search. We had 25 new listings  with pricing  spread out at all price points.  We had 6 listings in the $300,000 and less range.  5 new listings at $300,000 to $500,000 and the final 11 priced over $525,000.  This week we found lakefront homes at all price points from $160,000 up.

Lake Winnipesaukee again had the most new real estate listings, ranging from a wonderful home in Laconia priced at $520,000 and 4 new listings ranging from $629,000 to $990,000 and 1 ultra luxury listing at $1,900,000.  Sunapee and Ossipee lakes over 3000 acres each had one new listing both priced in the low $700,000 range.


New Listings - Suncook Lake, Barnstead - Conway Lake, Conway - Lake Winona, New Hampton - Crystal Lake, Gilmanton - Kanasatka, Moultonborough ( great home and lake ) - Webster Lake, Franklin - Pleasant Lake, Deerfield ( duplex ) -  - Ossipee - Lake Sunapee - Lake Winnipesaukee

In addition to owned waterfront listings we had 10 shared waterfront homes and 8 new condo's with beach access.  Boat slips are starting to come on also with a slip in Wolfeboro and Alton.

For additional information on these homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty, Meredith  at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate, March 2013 Luxury Home Update

lake winnipesaukee real estate

New Adirondacks to Vintage Lake Estates

Lake Winnipesaukee is located in central New Hampshire commonly referred to as the Lakes Region. Winnipesaukee is just over 44,000 acres and includes the surrounding towns. Alton - Wolfeboro ( Oldest Summer Resort in the USA ) - Tuftonboro - Moultonborough - Center Harbor - Meredith - Laconia ( Weirs Beach and Laconia Bike Week ) and Gilford ( Home to Governors Island )  On your boat or snowmobile in the winter  you can visit all the ports heading out to your favorite restaurant or to get some shopping in.  The lake is centrally located to the White Mountains. You can be on the slopes of Gunstock in 10 minutes or at Loon, Waterville or Cannon in 30-45 minutes. Around the lake you will also find some great hiking trails, excellent fishing, theaters, concert venues and museum's.  Airports, you can fly in and out of Manchester ( 50 minutes away ) or Boston ( 2 hours )

Luxury Homes new to the market this month so far.  Eight of the listing are priced under $1,200,000.  Four of the listing are priced from $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 and 2 super luxury home priced from $3,500,000 to $7,000,000.  These homes offer the executive buyer privacy, sugar sand beaches, open water or mountain views or both along with a perfect sunrise for those early birds enjoying their coffee  or sunsets to dine or relax on the patio.  Home styles range from your classic cottage, log homes to spectacular Adirondacks.

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Free Outdoor Adventure Talks at N.H. Fish and Game

CONCORD, N.H. -- Get inspired for outdoor adventures this  year at a series of Wednesday evening talks taking place from March 20 through  May 8, 2013, at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive,  Concord, N.H. No pre-registration is required.   The talks start at 7 p.m.   Admission is free. The series includes a range of topics on New  Hampshire wildlife and outdoor recreation. In honor of the Nongame and  Endangered Wildlife Program's 25th anniversary observance this year, several of  the talks explore efforts to restore endangered and threatened wildlife:

March 20, 2013: New Hampshire Raptors   Come look into the eyes of a barred owl at a talk by  Kevin Wall of New Hampshire Audubon. Learn to distinguish the different raptor  species that call New Hampshire home. Explore the unique role these predators  play in our ecosystem and conservation efforts underway that have helped  increase and stabilize the state's raptor populations. This talk is a great  chance to get up close and personal with these amazing birds of prey.

March 27, 2013: Beginner's Guide to Turkey Hunting   Discover the time-honored tradition of spring turkey  hunting the New Hampshire in this talk by New Hampshire Hunting Guide and  experienced turkey hunter John Asseng. This talk will focus on the beginner  turkey hunter, covering hunting gear, turkey ID, and basic calls needed for you  to take your first bird. A must for first-time turkey hunters! New Hampshire's  spring gobbler season runs from May 3-31, with the youth turkey hunting weekend  set for April 27-28, 2013.

April 3, 2013: Restoring New Hampshire's Brook Trout Habitat   Eastern brook trout are one of New Hampshire's most  prized native fish, but they are threatened by disappearing habitat, rising  temperatures, changing water quality and disconnection from spawning habitat.  In this talk by Fisheries Habitat Biologist John Magee, you'll learn about the  work Fish and Game biologists, volunteers and concerned anglers are doing to  improve habitat for New Hampshire's most beloved fish, work that will benefit  all anglers and anyone that cares about clean water.

April 10, 2013: Selecting a Kayak or Canoe   Learn how to choose the right canoe or kayak for your  next adventure. With the many choices in paddle-craft available today, suited  for every kind of use, it's not always easy to know what kind of kayak or canoe  is right for you.  This talk will assist in narrowing the selection down  to what will be best for your usage, expectations and budget.

April 17, 2013 - Kayak Camping Learn how to properly pack a kayak, and what food and  gear to bring along. Hear about exciting kayaking destinations close to home. This  talk will cover coastal, inland and river kayak camping. Presenter Chuck Joy is the New  England representative for several kayak brands, including Astral Buoyancy,  Liquidlogic, Native Watercraft and Hurricane Kayaks. He grew up boating on  the waters of Boston Harbor and discovered whitewater in his mid-twenties. In  his free time, you'll find Chuck on the water or in the woods of New Hampshire.

April 24, 2013 - Black Racers and Blandings   If turtles and snakes fascinate you, join N.H. Fish and  Game Nongame biologists Mike Marchand, Brendan Clifford and Loren Valliere to  learn about the amazing diversity of reptiles and amphibians in New Hampshire.  This is the time of year when many reptiles and amphibians are emerging from  their winter slumber and traveling to breeding grounds or simply basking in the  sun. Hear about current research being done on Blanding's turtles and black  racer snakes, try out equipment biologists use in the field, and learn what you  can do to help biologists monitor these amazing creatures!

May 1, 2013 - Road to Recovery - New England Cottontails/Karner  blue butterflies   Join N.H. Fish and Game Nongame biologists Heidi Holman  and Brett Ferry to learn about what it takes to ensure rare species remain a  part of New Hampshire's wildlife diversity.   This talk is a great chance to hear firsthand from biologists involved  in current efforts to restore populations of Karner blue butterflies and New  England cottontails and their habitats.

May 8, 2013 - Mosquito Eaters: Bats and Dragonflies   Did you know that New Hampshire has eight different  species of bats? Learn which species are most at risk of disappearing forever  from our skies because of White Nose Syndrome and what you can do to help. Also  at this talk, learn about a statewide effort to document New Hampshire's  diverse dragonflies. N.H. Fish and Game Nongame biologist Emily Preston  Brunkhurst and NH Audubon biologist Pam Hunt team up to present a fascinating  look at the bats and dazzling dragonflies many of us have right in our own  backyards.

Taken from the NH Fish and Game website

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NH Lakes Region Real Estate, new lake listings. March 3rd to the 11th 2013

Mount Washington Crusing by one of the Meredtih homes

Mount Washington Crusing by one of the Meredtih homes

New Hampshire Lakes Region Lakefront inventory update. The weather is starting to warm up and we had 23  new lakefront owned  listings come on the market.   Pricing again was spread out with new lake listings at all price points.  We had 6 new listings under $300,000. 3  new listings price between $447,000 and $479,000. Listed a $449,000 is a wonderful property on Lake Kansatka in low tax Moultonborough.   In the next price bracket 4 new lake listings priced between $580,000 and $700,000 on Sunset Lake, Alton -Squam River Landing, Squam - Waukewan, Meredith and Great East Lake, Wakefield.  The home on Waukewan is a must see and should move quickly as every other listing on this lake has.  The next 4 listings are under $1,000,000 and are found on Squam Lake, Lake Sunapee, Winnipesaukee and Ossipee.  The Winnipesaukee property has 6 acres of land and is the perfect location to build your dream home.  The last 5 listings appear on Lake Winnipesaukee, 2 in Meredith, a home in Wolfeboro, Moultonborough and a spectacular log home with 2 bay boat house in Tuftonboro. For additional information on these homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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