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Loon Lake Cottage Available in Plymouth NH

Loon Lake Cottage Available in Plymouth NH.  Are you familar with this fully recreational lake?

loon lake real estate

Sunsets - Mountain Views - Sandy Beach - New Shed in the background

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Loon Lake is Quiet 100 acre lake remote but close to town and skiing

Loon Lake is Quiet 100 acre lake remote but close to town and skiing.   $250,000

Will you be Winterizing Your Vacation Home? Helpful Check List!

First to do is to create a check list. Go room to room looking for items that may freeze during the winter months or areas that you will need to keep heated.  The exterior will need attention some attention to. 

Lets start with the exterior.

Turn off the water to the exterior fittings.

Walk the exterior of the home and seal any areas where pests may enter looking for a cozy warm environment.

Clean off any roof debris and make sure the gutters are clean and drain properly.

Pleasure craft such as boats, ATVs, bicycles, canoes, kayaks and cars should be locked in a garage or storage shed. All exterior furniture should be put under cover. Especially glass topped tables. The glass will break under the weight of snow.

Security lights should be functioning with an interior light left on. A security system maybe the best insurance for confidence that you home will be protected.

If you are closing down the home for the winter completely drain all water lines. If you plan on using the home in the winter months turn off the water supply and open all cabinets that have exposed water pipes so in case of a power outage those areas will keep at room temperature. Opening the cabinets on exterior walls lets interior heat into the cabinets to prolong pipes from freezing.

Turn down your thermostat. Set your thermostat to a level adequate to keep the inside temperature above freezing. As an additional safety precaution have a temperature alarm installed that will notify you if the temperature drops below 45 degrees. It is recommended that you keep the home heated during the winter months for structural soundness to your home even if you drain the water from the pipes.

Unplug appliances and turn off your water heater.

If you are shutting down the home clean out the refrigerator and unplug. Don't keep anything that is likely to go bad during the time you are away.

If you must keep frozen food, here is one method for determining if your freezer has warmed during the winter: freeze a container of water solid, then place a coin on the surface of the ice; if the coin has sunk into the ice when you return, then the freezer warmed, letting the ice melt and then refreeze.

Wash the refrigerator and freezer thoroughly. Prop open their doors, the better to forestall mold and mildew (which like to grow in the dark) and their odors, which may transfer to the refrigerator's plastic parts.

Remove all items in the kitchen that may freeze and store dry goods in plastic containers to keep pests from enjoying a free meal if they find there way in.

Clean and vacuum the home to keep opportunities for pests to a minimum.

Heating systems should be serviced and inspected and if you have a forced hot water system you may consider putting antifreeze in the lines with a plumbers recommendations.

One last recommendation is have a neighbor or service company stop by and check on your home.

The winter is a great time to be in the NH Lakes Region.  Skiing - Snowmobiling - Ice Fishing - Tons of Winter Attractions - Winter Carnivals to Pond Hockey


Ossipee Lake Real Estate for sale in Freedom NH

Snow is Right Around the Corner 


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What are the Pros and Cons of Homeowners Associations

What are the Pros and Cons of Homeowners Associations

5 Pros and 6 Cons of Homeowners Associations

In the Lakes Region there are a variety of associations. From gated communities like, Grouse Point, Southdown, Long Bay, Meredith Bay to the Bald Peak Colonial Club.  There are also many beach associations for home owners in this area, they may also have boat docks that are a big draw.  Another example is Squam River Landing a sustainable community in located in the Squam River Shed featuring upscale view homes with amenities that include beach access to a  sandy beach to docks and hiking trails.

Across the U.S., homeowners' associations are on the ascent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 59 percent of newly constructed homes in 2014 were part of a homeowners' association. That's up from 46 percent in 2009.

So, what's the draw of homeowners' associations? By the same token, what are the drawbacks?

Pro No. 1: Your neighborhood will look good.

Generally, an HOA establishes rules to ensure the neighborhood looks sharp, says Brad Pauly, owner and broker at Pauly Presley Realty in Austin, Texas. These include strict guidelines about keeping lawns manicured, restrictions on parking boats and other large vehicles on the street, and limitations on exterior paint colors.

"This type of oversight eliminates issues with one or two properties weighing down all property values due to an unpleasant exterior," says John Lyons, a broker with Baird & Warner in Chicago.

Pro No. 2: You'll enjoy access to amenities.

An HOA usually offers community amenities such as a pool, a fitness center, parks, children's play areas and security gates, Pauly says.

Pro No. 3: Your maintenance costs will be shared.

HOA dues are earmarked for maintenance of shared spaces, according to Lyons. This includes community lawn care (but not for your own yard), community snow removal (but not for your own property) and upkeep of common areas like the pool or the fitness center.

Pro No. 4: You've got a built-in mediator.

Involved in a tiff with your neighbor over that big oak tree that's losing limbs? You can settle some confrontations with your neighbors by taking your grievances to the HOA's board or management company, Lyons says.

Pro No. 5: You can get to know your neighbors.

Gina Estrada, who lives in a gated HOA community in Clovis, Calif., says that if you're elected to serve on the HOA board or are otherwise active in the association, you'll become better acquainted with your neighbors. Heck, you might even make some new friends. "I believe we should know our surroundings, including the people in them," Estrada says.

Con No. 1: You'll fork over HOA dues.

When buying a home in a community with an HOA, you've got to add HOA dues to your budget. The dues vary, but typically run in the hundreds of dollars per month.

Con No. 2: Your hands will be (somewhat) tied.

If someone buys a home in an HOA community and wants to make changes to the property, such as the addition of an enclosed patio, it normally must be approved by the HOA's board. "It's possible that an HOA could prevent certain updates on a home," Pauly says.

Con No. 3: You might be hampered by an HOA's financial woes.

If an HOA is facing financial problems or is ensnared in a lawsuit, it could harm your ability to obtain a loan for a home and could hurt sale prices of homes in the community, Pauly says.

Con No. 4: You'll lose some of your freedom.

When you live in a community governed by a HOA, you'll have to follow its rules, even if you think they're ridiculous, Lyons says.

"You do, however, have the option of petitioning the homeowners' association to change any rule you don't agree with. But if you lose, you will have to live with it," Lyons says.

Con No. 5: You might be the victim of a "rogue" board member.

Estrada says her HOA elected a "rogue" homeowner to the board who decided to flaunt the rules and do whatever he wanted. For instance, Estrada says, the rogue board member thought the community needed speed bumps to slow down speeding drivers, so he had them installed. That move caused a neighborhood uproar. The process to take out the speed bumps and remove the rogue homeowner from the board cost several thousand dollars, including legal fees, she says.

Con No. 6: Storage of Your Expensive Toy. 

Carl from the lakes region runs into storage as a big issue. Boats, trailer, motorcycles, atv's, snowmobiles can not be stored on your property and storage facilities were not planned into the community. These fun items will cost the home owner an additional expense to store unless the home has a garage to store items out of sight.

Problems also arise when homeowners stop attending HOA meetings, Estrada says, and it's left to a small group of people to make decisions.

By John Egan, Credit Steven Sawyer Post


View Home Priced At $1.2 Million Squam River Landing

View Home Priced At $1.2 Million Squam River Landing


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A Self-Employed Homebuyers Guide to Getting a Mortgage Loan

A Self-Employed Homebuyers Guide to Getting a Mortgage Loan

It's no secret that one of the most important factors in getting qualified for a home mortgage loan is income. Lenders, both large and small, justifiably want to know that you have money rolling in on a consistent basis"as this is a good sign that that you're able to repay the money you borrowed. Traditional homebuyers are able to prove this by providing a W2 from their employer indicating just how much money many they make week-to-week or month-to-month. However, things get a little bit trickier when we start talking about mortgages for self-employed individuals. Here's why:

Showing Your Income is Key to Applying for Mortgages for Self Employed Homebuyers

Unlike a traditional homebuyer, self-employed homebuyers can't simply produce a W2 to prove their income. Instead, self-employed applicants are expected to produce evidence of the last two years in tax returns. Coming up with this information, in addition to other supporting documentation, can be onerous, so be prepared to do some work. Regardless of however long it takes to come up with this information, it's a good idea to have these documents ready to go when applying for a mortgage.

The real challenge comes when it's time to clear up any discrepancies between what a self-employed borrower thinks they make in income, and what their tax return actually says they make.

The Most Common Problem in Obtaining a Self-Employed Mortgage Loan

The most common problem self employed individuals encounter when applying for a home mortgage loan is differentiating between how much they claim they make, and the amount the government decides they actually make in net income, according to their tax returns.

Despite, having plenty of cash flow on hand, not to mention access to credit through their business accounts, self-employed individuals are often shocked when they learn just how much their net income actually is after factoring in tax write offs and other business expenses. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as the FHA, all base their lending decision on net income.

So now that you know the challenge that is before you, let's talk about the best way to approach qualifying for a self employed mortgage loan. The following step-by-step guide should help:

Step 1: Gather all documents

As mentioned earlier, getting your tax returns in order is of utmost importance. While most government backed loan programs require at least the last two years' worth of tax returns, there are in fact some conventional loan programs that only require one year's worth"which is great for applicants who've been self employed for less than two years. Either way, try to get your last two tax returns if possible. In addition, you'll want to gather other important tax documents that your lender may require. These include:

  • Tax identification number
  • Schedule C
  • Schedule E
  • Form 1120S
  • K-1
  • Profit and Loss Statement

Getting a hold of past tax returns and other supporting documents should be simple. Most self-employed individuals can turn to their accountants for this information. In addition to tax forms, you may also need certain documentation that proves your self-employment. These documents could include:

  • Business license "This document is typically issued by the state, city or county, and should include the mortgage applicant as the business owner, along with the name of the business.
  • Letter from clients"You'll need to provide a minimum of one letter from the customers/clients you service in your self-employment. These customers/clients must be legitimate businesses. Letters should be on letterhead, and include contact name, type and date of service.
  • Miscellaneous documentation"Other documents you may need includes proof of bond insurance and membership to professional organizations, as well as documents that indicated you're DBA (Doing Business As).

Step 2: Meet with your broker/lender

Schedule a meeting with your broker/lender and be sure you have all of the documents you need to walk in the door and get the answer needed to proceed with buying a home. A lot of times, the lender or broker assisting you will be able to take a look at your tax return and tell you immediately what your chances are of getting approved for a self-employed mortgage loan. If you're concerned you will encounter an issue involving your net income as outlined above, it may be a good idea to bring your accountant with you to the meeting.

Step 3: Plan, prepare and apply

The third and final step is the most crucial of all. If you're like the countless other self employed individuals who encounter issues with getting a mortgage due to discrepancies in their net income, it's a good idea to make the following adjustments when preparing your upcoming tax return. Here are few things you need to do:

  • Don't' write off nearly as much as in years past! Tax write-offs are likely what caused your net income to be so low on past tax returns, so try and avoid writing everything off for your upcoming return"if possible. It may sting, but it's the most effective way to prove to a lender that you are worth more than what your past tax returns indicate.
  • Clean up your finances so that your business doesn't commingle with your personal funds. If you have equipment you use for your business listed on your personal credit report, be sure to try and clear all that up before applying for a mortgage.

With some careful planning and meticulous record keeping, you should have no problem getting a self-employed mortgage loan"no matter if you're a cash strapped freelance writer, a self-employed contractor or a private small business owner.

Credit Ruth at Blue Water Mortgage, who works with self-employed homebuyers all the time to help get them qualify for a mortgage loan. Blue Water Mortgage - Main Office  7 Merrill Ind. Drive Hampton, NH 03842  Phone: 603.926.9695


Hermit Lake Cottage in Sanbornton. Call for Details

Hermit Lake Cottage in Sanbornton. Call for Details


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Adirondack Luxury Property on the Shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Nestled on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, this beautifully appointed 5 bedroom, 4 bath Adirondack lake home offers a wonderful blend of rustic elegance and style. High-end finishes compliment the open floor plan design including cherry floors, post & beam great room, fieldstone fireplaces, Chef's kitchen with Viking range, subzero refrigerator and wine refrigerator, Wolf warming drawer and more. Enjoy the whole house Bose stereo system inside and out. Master suite features a gas fireplace, cherry floors and balcony. Spacious master bath offers walk-in closets, vintage soaking tub and large luxurious shower. Other features include a 1st floor office, Sunroom, lower level recreation room with bar and surround sound. Fantastic outdoor living space with blue stone patio and walkways, Mahogany deck, hot tub and large dock with breakwater; room for 3 boats. This home is complete with the "dream" garage and 12x16 cedar shed for all storage needs. Magnificent quality-built home on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Located minutes to Gunstock Ski Resort and Golf, Hiking, Shopping are all close by. You can visit your favorite restaurant by boat, snowmobile or car.  Listed by Jackie Gauvin, Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty.  


Luxury lake winnipesaukee adirondack

Five Bedroom Luxury Winnipesaukee Adirondack $2,699,000


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NH Marine Patrol reminds lake ‘bubbler' owners to obtain permits

Marine Patrol reminds lake "˜bubbler' owners to obtain permits

Without permits, bubbler owners face up to a $1,000 fine.

By DANSEUFERT Union Leader Correspondent

GILFORD " As winter approaches, it's time for owners of property and docks on New Hampshire lakes to prepare, especially with regard to ice-preventing "bubblers" that have grown in use in recent years, safety officials say. Bubblers are underwater heating and circulation systems used to protect dock areas from movements of the winter ice pack that will be coming soon. In recent years, they have caused problems when left unattended and without permits, said Capt. Tim Dunleavy of the state's Marine Patrol. A few years ago, for instance, during a warm mid-winter day, a bubbler had caused an area of ice to become thin, which endangered people trying to access the ice from a shoreline in Center Harbor. "More and more people are using them," Dunleavy said. "What happens is, during a thaw period, people and snowmobilers go on the ice and think it's safe, but it's not. If they have a permit, at least we know they are there." Without permits, bubbler owners face up to a $1,000 fine, he said. In the online Winnipesaukee Forum, members have complained about bubblers causing problems. One poster said bubblers "have continued a practice, even after notice and request, to run 1-2 (bubblers) without thermostat controls, without timers, 24/7." "This has caused the lakeshore to be open water, sometimes hundreds of feet out into the lake "¦ With the snow, the apparent danger of the thin or no ice underneath is a real concern." Dock owners know that they must either remove their structures from the lakes or pull them above the water, said Darlene Forst of the Department of Environmental Services' Shoreline Section. Some dock owners are permitted to leave them in the water for various reasons, she said. "At Ice-In, people should know they have to get their docks out of the water, unless they have permits saying otherwise," Forst said. Dock owners who don't follow the rules face fines as well, she said. Ice-In, less publicized than Ice-Out in the spring, occurs when ice covers state lakes. In some years, Ice-In has been in January.


lake winnipesaukee real estate

Permanent Docks Require a bubbler or Ice Damage may result


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Time to Take Your Dock Out of the Lake - Maintenance Tips

 Time for you to take your docks out of the water

Fall is here and your boat dock needs your attention before the ice sets in.  Most docks are seasonal and require you to remove them at the end of the summer.  If you are fortunate to own an aluminum dock your job is a bit easier that those with a wooden dock.  You can hire a local company to get your dock in and out of the water each year and save yourself from those freezing fall or spring water temperatures and the hassle of getting a crew of people together to lift the dock onto shore.  If you are going for it on your own you might want to invest in some chest waders to keep you warm when the lake is hovering around 50 degrees.

Dock Maintenance

The best time to do maintenance and repair work on the dock is in the fall when you are closing up for the year. The weather is cooler and you won't be as busy trying to open up your home for the summer season.

Wooden Docks

  • Might be a great time to replace nails with screws.
  • Replace rotting or damaged boards.
  • Refit the dock with rubber bumpers for the up coming season.
  • Inspect connection points for loose nuts and bolts.
  • Sand, prime and paint rusting spots or areas that might splinter.
  • Pile the dock neatly on shore away from any ice that may come in off the lake.

Aluminum Docks

  • Follow the same steps as above except you will only need to check for loose connections and inspect boat bumpers
Permanent Docks
  • Check the entire dock for any loose boards and fittings
  • Refit the dock with rubber bumpers for the up coming season.
  • Have an electrician bring power to the dock and drop the recommended bubblier in to keep the ice from freezing around the dock.
  • Don't forget to put up warning signs for thin ice.
Building A Dock

Installing a new dock at the cottage is a big investment and should be planned well.

  • Prior to investing in time and materials hire a specialty company to help you out.
  • Consider water levels, wind, currents, and boat traffic.
  • Dock materials are numerous. Wood, steel frame and wood, galvanized steel and wood, aluminum and wood, all aluminum, and a number of options using composite wood (wood/plastic mix).
  • Your best option might be a raise a dock, simply you crank it out of the water in the fall and lower it in the spring.
  • Talk to an expert before you proceed, they can tell you what size dock you can put in for the lake you are on.



lake winnipesaukee home for sale

Permanent Dock Will Require a Circulator


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Lake Winnipesaukee Home and Cottages on 6 acres

Lake Winnipesaukee Home and Cottage on 6 acres

Winnipesaukee 6 acre Compound located in a dream location on Smith Point in Alton. Staggering open water views to the Ossipee and Sandwich Mountain ranges. Picturesque sunsets, sandy swimming, deep water docking including a 2 Bay Boathouse. Camp Fisher was established in 1912, the main house with nostalgic porch has been tastefully updated keeping the theme of classic lake house we all long for. With a total of 6 acres and 700 feet of shoreline you have the ultimate private setting. Camp Fisher also includes 4 seasonal cottages and a year round home nestled in a natural setting. You have many options for this historic property you will want to explore when your visit. It is a peaceful, quiet setting but minutes to Gunstock Ski Resort, NH Motor Speedway, golf courses, shopping, attractions, Wolfeboro or Meredith. Major airports are less than 1 hour drive or you can fly into Laconia..


Boat House - 6 Acres - 700 feet of shoreline - $3.9 mil

Boat House - 6 Acres - 700 feet of shoreline - $3.9 mil


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New Home Construction Continues at Squam River Landing

New Home Construction Continues at Squam River Landing

The views are stunning.  The quality of construction award winning. If you are looking for a professionally managed high end community thoughtfully planned to take advantage of the natural undisturbed beauty of the Squam Lake area this is the spot for you. Several homes already sold or under construction. Come take a look at this magical setting with a Marina on-site giving you access to the Squam Lakes. The Shepard offers 2600 square feet on three levels of living with 2 car garage, the foundation is in an ready for you to add your custom finishes. All homes will be sustainable green and will have the Old Squam Vintage Look but will be built with modern energy efficient building practices. Turn-key year round living where recreational activities abound. The Development abuts hundreds of acres of conservation land and has walking trails and many vistas offering lake and mountain Views.


Squam lake real estate

Mountain and Lake Views from Lot 15.


Squam River Landing uses Sustainable or "Green Building" design and construction, they uses resources more efficiently, while creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes that also take into account the social aspects of the community.  Riveredge Property Management Concierge Services Available.

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squam lake real estate

Lot 15, the Foundation is in and Available for $1.24 Million -


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Meredith Home Available in Prestigious Grouse Point Community

As close to  waterfront as you can get in Grouse Point on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. This front row home has a lovely open layout with tons of natural light and a large deck to enjoy your waterfront privacy. Look out across Meredith Bay and south towards Governor's Island and the Belknap Mountain Range from the large deck set just off the main living area. The well appointed and updated kitchen with 250 bottle wine cellar flows nicely for entertaining guests. The grand master suite sits upstairs with tons of closet space with two separate spaces great for an office, den or craft room. The finished lower level has two additional bedrooms, a full bath, tv room and covered porch great for all seasons. Grouse Point boasts the most beautiful sugar sand beaches, marina, and the recently renovated clubhouse with entertaining space, fitness center and indoor pool. This gated community is just minutes to downtown Meredith or the Weirs Beach attractions.  Golf - Skiing - Hiking - Snowmobiling - Shopping - Attractions are all close by.  One Hour to Manchester Airport or less than 2 hours to Boston Logan.   Listed by Ashley Davis of Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty.  


Lake Winnipesaukee Grouse Point

Gated Community front row priced at $895,000


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