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Time to Take Your Dock Out of the Lake - Maintenance Tips

 Time for you to take your docks out of the water

Fall is here and your boat dock needs your attention before the ice sets in.  Most docks are seasonal and require you to remove them at the end of the summer.  If you are fortunate to own an aluminum dock your job is a bit easier that those with a wooden dock.  You can hire a local company to get your dock in and out of the water each year and save yourself from those freezing fall or spring water temperatures and the hassle of getting a crew of people together to lift the dock onto shore.  If you are going for it on your own you might want to invest in some chest waders to keep you warm when the lake is hovering around 50 degrees.

Dock Maintenance

The best time to do maintenance and repair work on the dock is in the fall when you are closing up for the year. The weather is cooler and you won't be as busy trying to open up your home for the summer season.

Wooden Docks

  • Might be a great time to replace nails with screws.
  • Replace rotting or damaged boards.
  • Refit the dock with rubber bumpers for the up coming season.
  • Inspect connection points for loose nuts and bolts.
  • Sand, prime and paint rusting spots or areas that might splinter.
  • Pile the dock neatly on shore away from any ice that may come in off the lake.

Aluminum Docks

  • Follow the same steps as above except you will only need to check for loose connections and inspect boat bumpers
Permanent Docks
  • Check the entire dock for any loose boards and fittings
  • Refit the dock with rubber bumpers for the up coming season.
  • Have an electrician bring power to the dock and drop the recommended bubblier in to keep the ice from freezing around the dock.
  • Don't forget to put up warning signs for thin ice.
Building A Dock

Installing a new dock at the cottage is a big investment and should be planned well.

  • Prior to investing in time and materials hire a specialty company to help you out.
  • Consider water levels, wind, currents, and boat traffic.
  • Dock materials are numerous. Wood, steel frame and wood, galvanized steel and wood, aluminum and wood, all aluminum, and a number of options using composite wood (wood/plastic mix).
  • Your best option might be a raise a dock, simply you crank it out of the water in the fall and lower it in the spring.
  • Talk to an expert before you proceed, they can tell you what size dock you can put in for the lake you are on.



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