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What do you look for when buying a lake home?

The typical story I hear when we first meet with a client is when I was growing up we went to our grandparents lake home every summer and I want that same experience for my children.


Lake Massacecum Real Estate, Bradford NH

Sugar Sand beach, All Day Sun, 4 car garage for cars and toys


There is nothing more glamorous then owning a lake house real estate. We often are driven by fond childhood memories of vacationing at a lake house or on a boat  While there is nothing more rewarding than finding your perfect lake property, here are some ideas that will help you avoid a watery nightmare and enjoy paradise on a lake.

  1. Budget, what can you afford and still enjoy the other pleasures of life. Talk to your banker prior to even making a phone call or looking online.
  2. Decide on a comfortable commute. A 4 hour ride with a car load of kids with every other sentence are we there yet may deflate the dream.
  3. Is the home going to be strictly summer or will you use it for skiing and snowmobiling. In NH for example south of Laconia puts you on some very nice lakes but your ski commute maybe over an hour and the snowmobile season ends early in this mid state area.
  4. Explore the area you are interested in and take a Sunday afternoon drive to see if the area meets your expectations. Example, Wakefield NH has 7 lakes in town, easy access to skiing and snowmobile trails but I can count the number of restaurants in the area on one hand and the closest major grocery store is 30 minutes. Does this life style suit you or would you like an area with variety of  entertainment?
  5. What size lake? Everyone thinks they need thousands of acres to explore. Most of your boating activity will be right in front of your cottage. The kids and grandchildren want to show off their acrobatics on the water and you can't fit 15 people in the boat for the show.
  6. Other lake considerations. Fishing? Trout or Bass - Jet Skis? Does the lake allow them? - No motorboat lakes? - Private or Remote
  7. When you visited your grandparents lake home, which way did the sun set? Ideally you want western exposure for all day sun and sunsets.
  8. Best Sandy Beach - then sandy swim bottom - then gravel bottom - check the lake bottom before you buy, it may be mud!
  9. Check with your agent on water quality and clarity.
  10. Send me your thoughts on your idea of the perfect lake home.


My best advice is buy the lake, the location and the home last. Remember they are not building anymore lakes but you can build a new home.

If you are interesting in finding out what New Hampshire has to offer call us. The NH lakes region where the lakes meet the mountains,  Rustic Cottages to Luxury Estates to choose from.   Lastly hire a knowledgeable realtor to look out for your best interests. For additional information on lake and ski homes in NH call 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

Contact us today and we can help you find that special dream home.

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