Lake Sunapee Real Estate

NH Luxury Lakefront Properties - Sunapee - Squam - Winnipesaukee

Squam, Sunapee and Winnipesaukee all have features that attract waterfront owners to a lifestyle that is very different from one lake to the other. 

Which lake is right for you depends many factors.  Let start simply with the lakes size, the water quality is simlar for all three lakes. 

Sunapee is 4125 acres

Squam is NH second largest lake at 6791 acres

Winnispesaukee is 44,422 acres 

Sunapee's draw is a large lake with Mount Sunapee Ski Area within 10 minutes of most homes on the lake.  At either end of the lake you have town docks where you can pull in and get and ice cream or a quick meal. The only fast food restaurants around the lake are an occasional Dunkin Donuts that are built to blend in the surroundings.  Hiking - Golf -  Competitive Sailing - Ice Boating, Fishing are enjoyed by all. Active lifestyle with the main focus the water and the mountain activities.

Towns around the lake include Sunapee, Newbury and  New London plus the village Georges Mills.


lake winnipesaukee governors island home

Six Bedroom Home, Sandy Beach on Governors Island


Wiinipesaukee has a little bit for everyone.  Quiet coves for swimming and tubing to scenic boat rides around the lake to shop or go out to dinner on your boat. Around the lake you will find all the attractions for your family to enjoy. Zip lines at Gunstock, Arcades, Meadowbrook Concert Venue, Tons of beaches, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Mt Washington Boat tours, Outlet Stores along with some of the best Golf Courses in the area.  Winnipesaukee is a vacation paradise. Go Fast Boating to Thursday night Sailboat Racing, this gem of a lake has adventures for all ages. You will catch me out on the lake salmon fishing at least 3 mornings a week, call I may tell you where the best spots to go are?

Towns around the lake, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, Wolfeboro and Alton. Must visits are Meredith and Wolfeboro.

Squam, the people are different.  This lake is all about a slow pace and back to nature.  No shopping centers, no fast food, not even a Dunkin Donuts. What you will find is open shoreline tons of coves, islands to explore and spectacular mountain views. There is one attractions and it is my favorite in the lakes region. The Squam Lakes Science Center.  Here you tour native animals in their natural habitat and do venture off the lake the artist district in Sandwich. On the water you will find more kayaks, canoes and sailboat than any of the other large lake. Slow down, its Squam.

Towns around the lake, Ashland, Holderness, Sandwich, Center Harbor and Moultonborough.

Examples of some luxury homes.

Squam: $2.1 million can buy you a 5200 square foot  home with a boat house and sandy beach on 1.5 acres with 320 feet of sandy shoreline, this is a dream come true home. 

Sunapee: $2.2 million buys a 5800 square foot home 5 bedroom home on .7 acres and 100 feet of shoreline.

Winnipesaukee: $2 million buys a 7000 square foot home with 6 bedrooms and 125 feet of sandy shoreline on just over 1 acre.

The best values for Luxury homes are on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Winnipesaukee luxury home inventory has 105 priced over $1 million. Sunapee has 24 Luxury Properties and Squam 9 Estates on this exclusive waterbody. 


lake winnipesaukee real estate

Sandy Beach and 6 Bedrooms priced $2 million


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Most Expensive Lake Homes in New Hampshire and they are selling!

Right down to business, we have just over 25 choice homes to select from priced over $3 million and 87 homes priced $1 million to $3 million in the NH lakes market .  Every year we seem to have real estate trends that are predictable.  Last year 2013 the prediction was lakefront buyers in the $300,000 to $650,000 would dominate the market and yes they did, scooping up some great buys.  The luxury market last year never took off and sales lagged behind leaving a wonderful inventory of exquisite homes available.  2014 predication is the luxury market  in NH is going to top all records.  In the last 2.5 months we have seen 29 homes sold over $1 million and five of those homes sales were over $2 million.  In the same time period in 2013 only 7 homes over $1 million sold and only one was over $2 million.


lake winnipesaukee real estate

One of the 3, $10,000,000 listings on Lake Winnipesaukee



Governors Island real estate nh l

Another Listing on Governors Island



lake winnipesaukee real estate

Family Room just off the deck for one of the Governors Island Listings


Currently we have 114 homes available over $1 million and 26 of those homes are over $3 million.

The most expensive lakefront homes in NH are located on 43,000 acre Lake Winnipesaukee. This jewel of a lake has over 70 miles of shoreline and encompasses the towns of Wolfeboro ( The Oldest Summer Resort in the USA ) and home to one of the three homes priced over $10 million, the other 2 are located on Governors Island in Gilford, other towns around the lake are Alton, Tuftonboro, Center Harbor, Laconia and Meredith.   Towns with the  most expensive homes on the lake, listed by the number of most expensive homes. Wolfeboro, Meredith, Gilford follow by Tuftonboro.  Alton has the most expensive estate available in the state priced at $49 million, call for details.  Plenty of Golf and skiing are close by at Gunstock Ski  Area and Ragged Mountain Resort.


Tips on Buying a Lake Home

Sandy Beach, Great Dock and open water view



newfound lake real estate

Sunset on Newfound Lake



lake winnipesaukee real estate

Over 7000 Square feet of living space - listed at $2.5 million - 6 bedrooms


Squam Lake made famous by the movie " On Golden Pond " typically only has a few home available and this year is no exception. Currently there are 3 homes priced in the low $3 million range.  One an estate setting with 9 acres of land, the second is a seasonal cottage with 38 acres and lastly a new home to be built with just over 12 acres of land.  Squam is 6700 acres less than 2 hours to Boston and 30 minutes to Loon or Waterville Valley.

Sunapee has many listings in the $2 million dollar range but only one priced at $3.9 million. A  lovely Adirondack home but in 1999 that has every option a lakefront buyer would be looking for on 3.5 acres.  Lake Sunapee is just minutes away from Sunapee Ski Resort.

Call Paula or Carl details on lake homes in New Hampshire   888-737-5550

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Lake Sunapee Area in New Hampshire Lakefront Property Buyers Guide

Lake Sunapee Area Lakefront Property Buyers Guide

Lake Sunapee  is 1:45 hours north of Boston off Interstate 89. The lake is   4100 acres and  is located minutes to Mount Sunapee Ski Area one of the largest ski areas in NH. Attractions and events in the area include The Lake Sunapee Yacht Club hosting  the Lake Sunapee Open regatta annually, as well as other regattas including district level Star regattas. In the winter you will find  Ice Sailing, ice fishing on the lake. One of the largest adaptive ski programs in the state along is located at Sunapee Ski Area along with ski racing..  The Annual League of NH Craftsmen's Fair - the Oldest Craft Fair in America hold a crafts fair every summer.  The lake  holds some of the best salmon and lake trout fishing in NH. Boat launches are located around the lake along with plenty of golf courses, biking, snowmobile trails and hiking.


Lake Sunapee Real Estate

Views of Lake Sunapee on a Great Sailing Day


Towns around the lake include: New London, Newbury, Georges Mills, Sunapee. The Sunapee region has avoided being swept in by big box stores and chain restaurants leaving the area host to local quality businesses. Just to the north and home to Dartmouth College is Hanover NH a hub for cultural events.

Newbury , located at the southern end of the lake and is home to marina's and access to some great hiking trails.

Sunapee, located at the northern end of the lake and is home to Sunapee Harbor.  The harbor hosts fine dining, shops, marina and is home to the Mount Kearsarge Cruise Ship. Georges Mills is a village of Sunapee.

New London,  is referred to as the gold coast on Lake Sunapee, most of this shoreline offers sandy beaches, open water views and sunsets.  Visit the many downtown restaurants and shops and if in town for the evening  spend the night at one of many distinctive Bed and Breakfasts Inns.

Currently there are 28 Sunapee Lakefront homes for sale.  Prices start at $695,000 for seasonal cottages and go up into the $3.9 million dollar range. Unlike other parts of the lakes region the Sunapee homes are updated and rustic  spectacular estates built in the 1950's era. Other lakes close by include, 600 acre Pleasant Lake in New London, 1000 acre Mascoma Lake in Enfield, Lake Massasecum in Bradford, Otter Pond, Perkins Pond, Crystal Lake and Wild Goose Pond. For additional information on Lake Sunapee lake homes call Lady of the Lake Realty  at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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New Hampshire Lakefront Home Inventory Update, October 1, 2013

lake winnipesaukee real estate

Level Lot - Sandy Beach - Sunsets

Summer ended last week but you can't tell it by the current weather.  The forecast for this week is sunshine, light winds and temperatures in the mid to upper 70's with zip for humidity. The tree's are just beginning to turn, colors are brilliant around the wetland areas with bright orange, yellow and reds painting the landscape mountains in the north are peak..  The ski areas are making final preparation to begin there snow making process for the annual Thanksgiving Day ski season openings.

If you are not familiar with the NH Lakes Region we have over 250 lakes just south of the White Mountains.  Most of the lakes are within 20 to 45 minutes of a major ski resort and golf courses are sprinkled throughout the region.  Major Lakes in include Lake Winnipesaukee - 44,000 acres, Squam Lake - 6750 acres, Newfound - Sunapee - Winnisquam are all just over 4000 acres and Ossipee - Wentworth are 3000 plus acres.   Great East Lake, Waukewan, Merrymeeting are some of my favorite mid size lakes.  If you have a question about a lake my wife Paula and I have sold homes on all the major lakes in the state and are ready with answers  when you call.

One thing we do not have is a lack of lakefront real estate inventory.  There are a total of 750 lake homes on the market right now and a home is sure to be in your price range.  Most of the homes are year round properties but if you are looking to head to Florida for the winter there are 173 seasonal homes where you can enjoy 6 months in NH and the other 6 in a sunny climate.

Current Inventory includes:

79 Luxury Lakefront homes over $2 million.

102 lake homes listed between $1 to $2 million

198 waterfront homes listed $500,000 to $1 million

208 lake properties $300,000 to $500,000

134 lakeside homes $175,000 to $300,000

Call us with your wish list so we can get started looking for a lake property for your family to enjoy.  Remember your lake home is a four season home. Skiing - Snowmobiling - Skating - Snowshoeing - Cross Country Skiing - Ice Climbing are all winter events.

For additional information on lake homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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New Hampshire Lakefront Inventory Update: August 5 to August 12, 2013

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate

Dogs Don't work, where did the saying Work like a dog come from?

NH Lakes Region including Sunapee, Squam and Ossipee If you enjoy the outdoors  you can't find a better place in the country to live.  The NH Lakes Region including the Sunapee and Ossipee areas are simply terrific.  To start with how can you beat no sales or state income tax to pay.  This is a great way to live and enjoy life, this morning at 6 am I was out on Lake Winnipesaukee salmon fishing for a couple of hours, hit the office to catch up on some paperwork and then headed over to the Red Hills for a 2 hour round trip hike up to the Fire Tower with views of Squam on one side and Winnipesaukee on the other.  In the winter I usually ski half days at Loon Mountain, they have a great value on a mid week pass you can't go wrong with.  What I am saying is your  living right in the middle of this recreation area where  you can work and play efficiently..  I am not 2 hours to a ski area or 1.5 hours to my favorite fishing spot,  Live and work here, and part of everyday can be an outdoor adventure or just relaxing reading a book with lake and mountains as your backdrop.  Back to business, this past week we had 24 new lakefront listings price from $149,000 on Lake  Kolelemook ( pronounce that ) to six new Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate listings ranging from $1.2 million to a spectacular home in Alton for $4.4 million.   New listings appeared all over the area, including, Ossipee, Squam, Winnisquam, Highland and Lake Sunapee.

There are over 600 lakefront homes available right now, plus 230 condo's and 530 shared beach access homes.    Pricing from $150,000 to $13,000.000.   We are very knowledgeable about water quality and shoreline rules to guide you from showing you homes that match your criteria to the offer stage.

If you want to make a change in your life style call us?  Part of your work day could  include, hiking, fishing, skiing, hunting, boating, sailing or if you want a trip to the gym. When I first moved up from Bedford NH I felt like I was on vacation everyday, it was well worth the commute back to the big city each day.

For additional information on lake homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or



Lakefront Inventory Update May 27 - June 3, 2013, Luxury Homes to Camps

lake winnipesaukee real estate

2 bay boat house - 4 bay garage - work shop and 18 rooms,

Finally the weather broke and we had a scorcher of a weekend with temperatures in the 90's all weekend and tons of rain Sunday night to get the gardens watered and growing.  This is a tough time of year for looking at homes, students graduating from high school and college takes up many weekends along with the spring also a busy time for weddings.  This warm weather should plant some ideas in buyers minds that they need to come up and look now if they want to be in the home for the 4th of July.   This past week we had 34 new lakefront listings come on the market.  Pricing ranged from $200,000 for camps on Pillsbury Lake in Webster to 2 listings in the $4.5 million range, one on Sunapee and the other on Winnipesaukee.  The Winnipesaukee Real Estate home was located in Wolfeboro, this luxury home featured 7500 square feet of living space on 3.6 acres, a 2 bay boat house with 179 feet of private shoreline.   Sunapee saw 5 new listings and Winnipesaukee 6 with pricing ranges $500,000 to $5 million.  Newfound had 3 new listings come on the market a home priced at $600,000 and a cluster of rental units priced at $1.8 million.

Other popular lakes with new listings included Wentworth, Ossipee, Merrymeeting, Halfmoon, Pawtuckaway, Mascoma, and one on the hidden jewel of the Maine border own of Wakefield,  1800 acre Great East Lake located a low tax town.

If you are looking to find a home to fit your budget a shared waterfront home or condo might be your best option.  Several new listings priced at $175,000 to $800,000. The $800,000 property is a luxury free standing condo located on the eastern shore of  4000 acre Newfound Lake.  5 bedrooms for guests and family and perfect sunsets.   Many of the 35 new share waterfront and condo listings have docks or mooring available to keep your boat and they all have sandy beaches.  Sales are starting to pick up with 22 sales posted last week,  lakefront real estate was sold on Winnipesaukee, Squam, Ossipee, Sunapee, Merrymeeting, Mascoma  and other smaller lakes in the lakes region. For additional information on lakefront luxury  homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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NH Lakefront Inventory Update May 13, to 20th, Luxury Homes to Cottages

Got to have the Sandy Beach

Got to have the Sandy Beach!

This past weekend the weather was great for the Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Derby hosted by the Laconia Rotary Club, there were 1400 entrants out for the largest Salmon and Lake Trout with some great prizes.  This week we saw 37 new lakefront listings, pricing ranged from a seasonal cottage on Highland Lake in remote Washington for just less than $200,000 to a luxury  8000 square foot Adirondack on Lake Winnipesaukee for just over $4,500,000.  The listing breakdown has been similar to weeks past with 8 new Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate listings, 2 on Lake Sunapee and new construction on ( On Golden Pond ) Squam Lake for $3.5 million.  My pick of the week is a lovely executive ranch with garage and 100 feet of sugar sandy shoreline, stone fireplace all on .93 acres on Ossipee.  The home is on the main section of 3000 acre Ossipee with spectacular open water and breath taking Mountain views.

Other notable lakes with new listings include Wentworth - Wolfeboro , Suncook - Barnstead , Crystal - Enfield, Gilmanton, Opechee - Laconia, Newfound - Hebron

35 new waterfront access homes where listed, one on  Merrymeeting in the $200,000 range to 3 homes on Lake Sunapee in the $400,000 price range.   Condo's , 20 new condo's were listed priced from $100,000 on Weir Boulevard ( get ready for Laconia Bike Week in the Weirs ) to a luxury unit in Wolfeboro also on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Some of the share access and condo's have mooring or docks that come with the purchase and they all have sandy beaches.

Sales are starting to pick up with 16 new lake sales priced from $100,000 to the $1 million mark. The sales were scatter all over the lakes region. We have plenty of inventory with over 600 homes to chose from on over 250 lakes around the state.

For additional information on  homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at  or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Should I Buy a Lakefront Lot? I want to Build My Dream Waterfront Home?

Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate for sale, Alton NH

I would look for an existing cottage you can remove.

We get calls all the time from buyers looking for a lakefront lot to purchase to build their dream lakefront home. I almost feel I should tell you they really almost don't exist. The lot you are picturing when you call is level, has sunsets, a sandy walk in beach, on 1 acre or more with 100 feet of frontage with a open water view of mountains in the background. Maybe if we jump into the $750,000 plus range I might come up with that lot, realty says maybe no! The NH DES has rules in place to make your dream lot almost an impossible dream. Take a quick read at the most asked questions at the Department of Environmental Services.  If you are lucky enough to find a lot with a sandy beach can you clear the vegetation to enjoy it, or clear trees to see the lake? I was over at Lake Sunapee looking at a level, wooded 2 acre lot with 200 feet of shoreline last week. Sounds good so far, well the shoreline was rocky with a 6 foot drop down to the lake at the water edge, tons of trees to contend with to open up the view and the lot was over $1.5 million. On the other side of the Lake a listing similar in price with a cottage on it had over 200 feet of sandy shoreline, mountain views and sunsets. With the shoreline rules many options that a new home would have on a vacant lot are grandfathered with an existing home on the lot. The view 90% of the time is already there and you can build on the same footprint and go up a level or move the home back to build a larger home. The old timers did not break any rules when they built their dream homes, there were no rules to follow. A couple of cottage listings I just viewed would fit this perfectly. ( Example ) Bow Lake is 1100 acres, the home had a level lot, sandy beach, views, 1.2 acres of land, 1300 square foot cottage for $410,000 or a Seasonal Cottage on Winnisquam for $349,000. These are building lots that I would build on. You have the views and most of rules are grandfathered to make the permitting go smoothly. Most available land lots on the water in this price range are steep sloping lots with impossible shorelines to develop. Why don't you just call us? We have been helping buyers find lake homes in NH for over 15 years. Look at the testimonials on our website. For additional information on lake homes or lots call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at  or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at  or .

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We cover all the lakes including real estate on Ossipee, Squam, Sunapee, Winnipesaukee, Wentworth, Great East, Winnisquam, Newfound, Merrymeeting, Bow.

NH Lakefront Property Inventory Update, April 1 to April 8, 2013

Dog at the lake - smallNew lakefront listings are starting to heat up as the warm weather approaches.  We had a total of 42 new lake listing with Lake Winnipesaukee again leading the pack with 11 new listings and Sunapee following with 5 new listings. Pricing ranged from $145,000 on Lake Horace in Weare to a luxury 5 acre estate on Lake Sunapee with a boathouse and 400 feet of shoreline.  We saw some new lakes this week posting with a beautiful new home in Meredith on 4000 acre Lake Winnisquam and a fabulous new listing on Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro.  On the eastern side of NH we have 3 very active lakes with new real estate listings coming on the market.   Conway Lake, a 1200 acre lake had 2 new listing with one having a gorgeous sandy beach, 3000 acre Ossipee had 2 new listings along with 247 acre Sunrise lake having the same.  Lake Winnipesaukee listed 5 new homes under $625,000 with my favorite of the bunch being located in Meredith on Observatory Rd and Maiden Cove Rd.

We service the entire Lakes Region, including Lake Sunapee/ Dartmouth Area and the Mount Washington Valley

Lake Winnipesaukee 10 new lakefront listings from - $494,000 to $3,000,000

Lake Sunapee 5 new lakefront listings from $1,350,000 to $3,775,000

Conway Lake - 2, Ossipee - 2, Wentworth - 1, Winnisquam -1, Northwood Lake - 2, Sunrise Lake - 2  Plus other lakes north and south of the lakes region.

If your looking for a home in a community we also saw 42 new shared waterfront listing, some with deeded docks for your boat. Prices ranged from $200,000 to $800,000. Many of the communities in addition to wonderful sandy beaches have tennis courts.   14 new water access condo's were also listed from $68,000 to $519,000.

If you are not familiar with the NH Lakes Region we have over 250 lakes to choose from.  Boating lakes range in size from 100 acres to 44,000 acres.  Ski Slopes, Hiking, Golf, Art/Theatre, are all close by along with plenty of shopping and restaurants. Oh as a side note, no sales or income tax for those looking to retire.

In our marketing area there are 413 lake homes available. I am sure one will match what you are looking for. Call Us today.

For additional information on lake homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at  or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at  or .

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NH Lakefront Property Inventory Update, March 25 to April 1, 2013

Squam Lake view

The past 3 weeks we have seen 19 new lakefront homes listed each week.  This week we saw a 33% jump in the number of new lakefront homes.  Price points were all over the place with 4 listings under $300,000 and 6 listings over $2,000,000.

The active lakes this week again were Winnipesaukee, Squam, Sunapee and Pleasant Lake and the break down as follows.

Winnipesakee lakefront homes 7 new listings  - $594,000 to $3,500,000

Sunapee lakefront homes 4 new listings - $795,000 to $3,495,000

Squam Lake had 2 new listings $580,000 across the street from the lake to a compound at $4,190,000 with 9 acres

Pleasant Lake in New London had 2 lakefront entries $1,200,000 to $1,595,000

Pleasant Lake Deerfield also had 2 new listing, both seasonal homes priced $350,000 and  $500,000

Sunrise Lake in Middleton also had 3 new listings priced from $299,000 to $350,000

One of the hottest Lakes this year has been Lake Waukewan, towns surrounding the lake include Meredith, New Hampton and Center Harbor. This 904 acre lake is easy to get to just off interstate 93 and is close to golf, skiing, restaurants and plenty of shopping and family activities. Check this lake out at our website, one new listing just under $1,000,000

Lake Winnipesaukee has an excellent inventory of homes price $500,000 to just under $14,000,000.  Sunapee and Squam have 34 homes available.


For additional information on lakefront homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate guide for the Lakes Region!

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