NH Boat Docks For Sale

Are You Ready for the NH Boating Season? Trailering!!

Is your boat ready for the 2016 New Hampshire boating season?

Basics: Wax - Clean - Check Hoses - Change Fluids - Check Battery - Check Electronics - Wiring - Trailer Grease and Wirings - Impellers - Safety Equipment Review - Registration - Lines and Fenders - Anchor - Check Engine

Your boat is ready to go and the adventure begins.  Trailering your boat is a hassle!!  It takes time to launch and getting your boat back on the trailer you may have to wait in line enjoying all the antics at the boat launch area.

Why not purchase a dock for your boat on your favorite lake.  I enjoy fishing, not trailering.  I purchased a dock 5 years ago and will never look back.  My morning goes so smoothly, pick up a coffee for the boat hop on. Start the motor, untie and head out for the morning or evening event.  Tying up is just as easy!

Boat slips are available on Winnipesaukee and slips and boathouses on Squam.  A boat slip is an investment just like any other real estate purchase.  You own the space to enjoy or rent out.

Pricing - 24 foot slip on Squam $65,900, boathouse $129,000 for 23 foot boat, Winnipesaukee 30 foot live aboard slip for $65,000.


Squam Docks - Boathouses

Squam Docks - Boathouses Available



Winnipesaukee Dock you can overnight on.

Winnipesaukee Dock you can overnight on 30 ft


Boathouses at Riverdge Marina copy-1

For additional information on docks call 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com  or visit our websites to view lake docks in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com look for the dock link on the page. 

Contact Carl Sack or Paula Hinckley   #nhlakesrealty