NH Winter Adventures

Winter At The Lake? What to do when the lake is frozen?

Suggestions Anyone?
The fun does not end when the lake freezes up. There is a long list of entertaining activities to fill your bucket list.
Here is a quick list of the traditional winter activities that families spend time doing during our frozen New Hampshire winters.
Skiing - Sledding - Tubing - Skating - Snowmobiling - Ice Fishing - Snow Shoeing - Cross Country Skiing - Snowboarding - Lunch - Shopping - Zip Lines
I bet most have participated in one or more of the above events once or numerous times. Looking for a change, try going to events you have never encountered before? How about a sleigh ride, dog sled racing event or car ice racing on Lee's Pond. If you have never ice fished before, visit the Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby on Feb 11-12. You can view and walk around the mini city of bob houses on the ice and glimpse at the trophy fish on display. Another event that draws thousands to Meredith and hundreds of teams is the annual Pond Hockey event on February 3rd, watch the teams in action. You can view 4-5 rinks at once. Have you ever been to a castle? Visit the Winter Ice Castle in Lincoln absolutely a must see. Alton Bay has the only FAA registered plane landing strip on the ice in the US, view the planes coming and going while walking among the bob house village on the ice. Looking to get close to nature check the January Winter Walk schedule at Squam Lakes Science center for guided tours. ( Enjoying all these events starts with dressing for cold weather, boots are a must! )
One winter event that is high on my to-do list is an ice fishing outing with the kids and grandchildren. Watch the weather to pick a sunny afternoon on a small lake that holds, perch, pickerel, and bass for never ending action. Depending on the snow depth I bring along my ATV or snowmobile riding around the lake pulling family members on sleds. We bring a grill to roast hot dogs and have plenty of hot chocolate to go around. ( remember you can rent or borrow equipment to keep the expenses down )
For those looking for a true winter experience get the fireplace going reading a book or take a nap!
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