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How to navigate the new Lake Home Selling Strategy! Summer 2019!


First, let me say that some of my best friends are listing agents. But, they have a job to do.  

As of late, many listing agents are employing a strategy to create momentum and frenzy around new listings that is great for the Seller but not so great for Buyers.

This strategy is "No showings until OPEN HOUSE scheduled for ..."  

With so few listings on the market,  this creates a frenzy with anxious Buyers rushing the property at the Open House and sometimes in an effort to win the Sale they will release standard contingencies designed for their benefit.  Releasing home inspections or other due diligence items can have a negative impact on a Buyer down the line.  Especially in the regulation-heavy waterfront market.

I recommend that serious qualified Buyers connect with a Buyer Agent and make sure that the Buyer Agent is involved in the home buying process from the beginning.

Lady of the Lake Realty has been assisting Buyers with Lakes Region purchases since 1999.  We are well versed in the rules and regulations surrounding waterfront/water-access purchases and are ready to help Buyers through the process from viewings to closing.  We can offer suggestions for waterbodies or properties that match your wish list.  With 200+ lakes and ponds in our area, there are many hidden gems that Buyers may not be aware of. 

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