What Questions Should I Be Asking When Purchasing A Lakefront Home?

What Questions Should I be Asking when Purchasing a Lakefront Home?



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Your getting ready to buy a lake home ?  What should you be looking for? What Questions should I be asking to protect my future investment.  Who is going to help me?   Don't let this wonderful experience of shopping for a lake home turn into a disaster.   You may think that you can navigate this purchase on your own but in reality the listings agent works for the seller and he is looking out for their best interests! To complicate the purchase in New Hampshire we also have The Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act, who is going to guide you through this maze. You need your own representation otherwise your dream home maybe turn into a show of horrors.  My first recommendation is buy the lake and the location on the lake first. You can always change the home but would will never be able to change the shoreline. Some basic questions should be asked and get some of the answers in writing.

1. What size lake are you looking for?   Do you really need a 4000 acres lake or is 150 acres plenty?

2. Ask if the lake allows motor boats or are there boating restrictions only allowing kayaks and canoes or limited HP motors.

3. Is the lake bottom sandy? What is the shoreline material? Mud?

4. What is the exposure for sunrises and sunsets?

5. Ask if the home is seasonal or year round?   Do you want to use the home in the winter?

6. Is the home in a flood zone?  Flood insurance is expensive!

7. Tell me about the well and septic?  Is the septic a state approved system? Any failures?

8. What is the clarity of the water and are there any weeds?  What is the rating on the lake, Mesotrophic - Uutrophic - Oligotrophic

9. Who maintains the road, is the road plowed in the winter?

10. Are there any services on the lake?  Gas - Restaurants - Marinas

11. What about easements or covenants in the deed?

12. How deep is the lake overall and how deep is in front of the home you are interested in.

13. Can I add a deck or add onto the home?

14. Can I put in a dock or make changes to the existing dock?

If you are looking for a lake property in the New Hampshire area call us so we can add you to one of our many satisfied customers. We have over 600 lakefront homes in inventory from $250,000 to $12 million for a luxury home on Winnipesaukee.

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