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Lake Condo or Lake Home - Which fits your lifestyle?  

Lake Condo or Lake Home - Which fits your lifestyle?  

Take some time and put together a bucket list of features and benefits you would like including commute time and off-season activities like skiing.  

 We are all busy. Weekends and vacation time with our families is precious, condo or home? What is best for your family? Here are some benefits that both properties may have to offer. Newfound lake condos - ledges at newfound lake - newfound real estate

1. Boating - You can find a condo with dedicated dock, a home may have two docks. 

2. Garage - Yes condos are available with a garage - your home typically has one or can add a garage. 

3. Beaches - Condos typically have sugar sand beaches - your lake home may have a rocky shoreline. 

4. Amenities - Condos may have pools, tennis, clubhouse, basketball courts and organized social get-togethers. 

5. Privacy - Condos share everything except the interior of your home. Your beach maybe a mob scene every weekend or just a few sun worshippers.

6. Condo - Lawns are mowed, docks are put in and your walkway is shoveled in the winter, need a roof, just make a phone call. 

7. Condo - You still pay taxes but you will have association fees and often special assessments.  

8. Homes - In addition to yard maintenance other concerns would be your well - septic and overall maintenance and upkeep. Leaky roof call a contractor! 

9. Homes - From an investment opportunity I would give the benefit / ROI to purchasing a home.

10. Homes - You can change your home's color, add on a room, park your boat in your driveway even put up a fence for additional privacy.  Condos have rules! 

The above 10 points are just a few points you should consider before moving forward with a purchase.  If you want to get to the lake and enjoy a glass of wine a condo may be the perfect fit for your family. 

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