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Preparing for Winter- Get Your Toys Ready

Snow will be falling soon and winter activities will be starting.  I should have gotten or done???????? Get prepared today before the snow hits the ground.  Here is a list of items you may need to get done otherwise you may miss or be frustrated on the first snow fall.  Tune  the snow-blower and make sure you can find your shovel, broom and scraper for the car. Register your snowmobile and get the machine lubricated and tuned. What about your skis, the last time you used them was spring skiing over some bare spots, they need to be tuned.   Where are your hats, gloves and warm jackets? What about your fishing license, at least you can buy this online and not miss opening day on the ice, but did you check the condition of your tip ups?  At our household our yearly problem has been mice, not in the house but in the car air cleaners. We used to find mice building nests in our air filters every year. Put a dryer sheet in your air filter and avoid our little friends. They don't link the smell. Snow is coming, be prepared to enjoy your activities with a tune-up and locating the items you need to make the first outing enjoyable.

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