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What is a DES Site Assessment ( Septic Analysis )

In New Hampshire, the seller of developed waterfront property that is serviced by a septic system must engage a licensed assessor to perform a waterfront site assessment. This document, although contracted for and paid for by the seller, is also a tool for the Buyer as it contains valuable information the buyer can use when analyzing a potential property.

The assessor will consult with the seller, state and town records, and perform a site visit. The Documents objective is to describe what the current system consists of (If known), and determine if there are any signs of current failure. In addition, the assessor will perform calculations based on lot size, slope, soil type and the location of on-site and abutters wells to offer an opinion about what type of septic systems the lot could accommodate in the event of failure.

It is always ideal when a site currently has a state approved septic system, or can easily accommodate a state approved septic system. If the site has some limitations, than the property may not meet the state requirements for expansion of number of bedrooms, or conversion from seasonal to full-time use. 

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