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Outdoor Adventure Wheelchair: Action Trackchair - ATV of Wheelchairs

Nobody wants to be stuck in a wheelchair, but the Action Trackchair isn't exactly a wheelchair. This go-anywhere beast is the Humvee of personal mobility solutions. With treads instead of wheels, the Trackchair opens up fields and forests for off-roading, slogging through swamps and even fording small streams. How many people can say they took their wheelchair mudding on the weekend? And yes, that's right, it comes in camo.

You're not going to chase down any gazelles at the Trackchair's top speed of 5 mph " that's the pace of a brisk walk " but available gun racks and mounts make it easier to get out hunting when you'd otherwise be stuck watching OLN. With a base price of around $9,000 (plus accessories), the Trackchair is pricier than many ATVs, but nobody said being a badass was free.


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