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NH Announces the Winter Drawdown of Lakes and Ponds

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) announced today the annual fall drawdown of the lakes and ponds controlled by dams owned by DES. To access the drawdown schedule please visit the NHDES website or the  Drawdown Schedule


Angle Pond Bartlett   Brook Sandown Oct.   14 2'
Akers   Pond Greenough Brook Errol Oct.   14 1'
Ayers   Lake Tributary   to Isinglass River Barrington Oct.   21 3'
Ballard   Pond Taylor   Brook Derry Oct.   14 2'
Barnstead   Parade Suncook   River Barnstead Oct.   14 1.5'
Black   Reservoir1 Willow   Brook Jaffrey Oct.   14 5'
Bow   Lake Isinglass   River Strafford Oct.   14 4'
Burns   Lake Tributary   to Johns River Whitefield Oct.   14 1.3'
Chesham   Pond Minnewawa   Brook Harrisville Oct.   14 4'   to 2'
Crystal   Lake Crystal   Lake Brook Enfield Oct.   14 4'
Crystal   Lake Suncook   River Gilmanton Oct.   14 3'
Deering   Reservoir Piscataquog   River Deering Oct.   14 4'
East   Washington Pond Beards   Brook Washington Oct.   14 2'
Glen   Lake/Greggs Falls Piscataquog   River Goffstown Oct.   26 1.5'
Goose   Pond Goose   Pond Brook Canaan Oct.   14 7.5'
Grafton   Pond Bicknell   Brook Grafton Oct.   14 2'
Great   East Lake Salmon   Falls River Wakefield Oct.   1 3'
Great   Pond Powwow   River Kingston Oct.   14 1'
Highland   Lake North Branch Contoocook River Stoddard Oct.   14 3'
Horace   Lake (aka Weare Reservoir) Piscataquog   River Weare Oct.   12 5'
Horn   Pond Salmon   Falls River Wakefield Oct.   1 1.5'
Howe   Reservoir Tributary   to Minnewawa Brook Dublin Oct.   14 6'
Island   Pond North   Branch Contoocook River Stoddard Oct.   14 3'
Lake   Kanasatka Tributary   to Lake Winnipesaukee Moultonboro Nov.   1 1.5'
Kezar   Lake Lane   River Sutton Sept.   30 2'
Kingswood   Lake Churchill   Brook Brookfield Oct.   14 4'
Lake   Armington2 Eastman   Brook Piermont Oct.   14 3'
Little   Sunapee Lake Kidder   Brook Sunapee Oct.   1 27"
Lovell   Lake Branch   River Wakefield Oct.   14 3'
Mascoma   Lake3 Mascoma   River Lebanon Oct.   14 3'


Mendums   Pond Little   River Nottingham Nov.   9 7'
Milton   Three Ponds3 Salmon   Falls River Milton Oct.   14 3'
Newfound   Lake3 Newfound   River Bristol Oct.   14 2.5'
Nay   Pond Dead   River Milan Sept.   30 7.5"
Nippo   Pond Nippo   Brook Barrington Oct.   14 2'
North   River Pond North   River Nottingham Oct.   14 1'
Northwood   Lake Little Suncook River Epsom Oct.   14 6'
Ossipee   Lake3 Ossipee   River Effingham Oct.   14 3.25'
Pawtuckaway   Lake Pawtuckaway   River Nottingham Oct.   14 7'
Pequawket   Lake Tributary   to Swift River Conway Nov.   1 2'
Pine   River Pond Pine   River Wakefield Oct.   14 8'
Pleasant   Lake Tributary   to Little Suncook River Deerfield Oct.   14 2'
Robb   Reservoir North   Branch Contoocook River Stoddard Oct.   14 2'
Sawyer   Lake Badger   Brook Gilmanton Oct.   14 3'
Shellcamp   Pond4 Academy   Brook Gilmanton Oct.   14 4'
Silver   Lake Minnewawa   Brook Harrisville Oct.   14 3'
Squam   Lake3 Squam   River Ashland Oct.   14 2.5'
Stinson   Lake5 Stinson   Brook Rumney Oct.   14 4'
Sunapee   Lake3 Sugar   River Sunapee Oct.   14 2.5'
Suncook   Lakes Suncook   River Barnstead Oct.   1 5'
Sunrise   Lake Dames   Brook Middleton Oct.   15 2'
Sunset   Lake Suncook   River Alton Oct.   14 7'
Trickling   Falls Powwow   River East   Kingston Nov.   1 1'
Webster   Lake Chance   Brook Franklin Oct.   14 2'

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