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Fall Clean and Winterization Checklist for Your Lake House


Newfound Lake Home for sale in Bristol NH - Newfound lake real estateSummer is ending and activities around the lake are moving in a new direction.   As a general rule you should plan on removing your seasonal dock and securing your mooring for the winter by the middle of October.  The water starts to get pretty cold as you approach November  taking what fun there is totally out of the removal process.  If you have a permanent dock this would be a good time to get your bubble in and ready to go so all you have to do is plug it in.  Generally all the leaves are down by the November 15th and  may think of waiting until spring to remove leaves but they will be matted down and heavy making the process more difficult.  Put all your outdoor furniture indoor or in your shed and lock the shed doors.

If your cottage is year round get the heating system tuned up and set the temperature at or around 55 to 60 degrees for the winter months prior to departing.  Make arrangements for driveway to be plowed so you can access the home in the winter.   If you don't have a security system consider one or put lights on a timer.  Don't forget wood for the fireplace and store it in a dry accessible place.

Seasonal cottages take a little more effort but some of the below apply to year round homes.

  1. Drain all the water pipes and put camper antifreeze in the traps
  2. Including - dishwasher-washer - water heater - toilets - hot tub - well pump - filtration system
  3. Unplug all the appliances and open the refrigerator door.
  4. Turn off all un-necessary breakers.
  5. Remove all food.
  6. Inspect the roof with some binoculars
  7. Close all gaps in the foundation, doors, windows and siding.  Mice are crafty.
  8. Clean the gutters
  9. Winterize lawn mowers and outboards and put gas saver in any gas tanks.
  10. Turn off the water in a seasonal home.
  11. Double check to make sure all windows and doors are locked when exiting.

Make a list of what needs fixing. Go room by room. Waiting for parts over the winter is a lot easier than trying to get them rush delivered on over Memorial Day Weekend.


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