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Real Estate and Fishing what Hooks them together ?

A conversation with Carl Sack:  NH Lakes Region Realtor

Largemouth BassQ. What does fishing and selling your home have in common?

When heading out to the lake you take along all the tools of the trade; fishing pole, lures and fly's along with your boat and electronic fish finder.  Your goal is to quickly determine how deep the fish are and what they are biting so your day on the water is successful.  Selling your home is much the same, only the tools are different and instead of fish we are looking for buyers.  We take advantage of all proven techniques along with successful trade secrets that no fisherman will share.  We start with quality photography and a distinctive write-up of your home followed by a customized marketing plan which may include local newspapers and magazines but will always include the internet.  Our internet presence transcends what others offer. In fact it would equate to the most sophisticated fish finder on the market today that features GPS technology to sidebar sonar.

Q. So what is your secret to getting a home sold?

To continue with the fishing analogy; when I am out the lake I observe what types of activity I see on the water and match my lure or fly to that activity.  Most importantly I keep casting and changing until I find what the fish are biting.  Marketing a home is similar.  We fine tune the homes marketing to reach the ideal target buyer. By taking into account such property characteristics like demographics, lifestyle, and amenities we can tailor the marketing program to include various media partners in order to attract like-minded buyers. This may include one of our lifestyle specific global websites such as or a social media strategy utilizing Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, video tours and posting on global sites.  Unlike the random act of just throwing out a net, we cast directly to the demographic markets that match the lifestyle your home has to offer.  I would be happy to provide a complimentary analysis to anyone thinking of selling this year. For additional information on lake homes call  1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at or

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