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How Many Bedrooms Does This Lake Home Have?

The question sounds innocent enough, but the answer can be tricky. In the Lakes Region of NH, most properties are serviced by private septic systems, and the septic system design/capacity determines the number of legal bedrooms that have been approved for a dwelling. Each bedroom in the design accommodates 2 people full time (usage wise) so a 2 bedroom septic approval was designed to accommodate a 4 person family for full time use. But what happens if you own a waterfront cottage, that was built with a 2 bedroom septic design but you have added a couple of beds to the loft area , and oh yeah, you also modified a smallroom off the kitchen with a few beds for the grandchildren. Do you now have a 4 bedroom house? It would sure be a bonus when you are selling the property to be able to advertize the 2 extra "bedrooms". But you have a home with a septic disposal system officially rated as a 2 bedroom. You would be misrepresenting the property if you advertised it as anything other than a 2 bedroom home.


Hermit Lake Home?

Hermit Lake Home?


Not Exactly. NH DES has come out with a ruling that will allow a homeowner to advertise a property as X bedrooms, as long as the homeowner has contracted for a septic design that accommodates X bedrooms AND the NH DES has approved the new plan.

This is a good solution, in my opinion, because it allows a Seller to advertise and market his/her property to it's fullest potential, and yet the Buyer will make a decision with the full knowledge that the system is currently undersized for the home as it is represented but the lot can accommodate a properly sized system.

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