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How do we classify or rate our lakes and ponds water quality?


What is the Water Quality of the local lakes.  Simple if you know the classification for the lake, you can quickly determine water clarity, bottom structure and if weeds are abundant.  The classification often also are related to fishing, water color and  summer beach closures.

What is an Oligotrophic Lake?


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An Eagle Sitting on the Bank of a Mesotrophic Lake in NH


An oligotrophic lake is a lake with  low nutrient content. These lakes have low algal production and consequently have very clear waters, sandy or rocky bottoms.  The waters of such lakes typically have ample oxygen supporting  many fish species, like salmon or  trout which require cold, well-oxygenated  waters.  Normally no beach closures on these lakes and ponds.

Mesotrophic Lakes?

Mesotrophic lakes have an intermediate level of algal productivity. These lakes commonly have clear water, sandy, rocky or hardpan bottoms or with beds of submerged aquatic plants. There is a medium level of nutrients and aquatic plants possible along the shallow shorelines. Occasional beach closures.

Eutrophic Lakes?

A eutrophic body of water can be  a lake or pond and  has high biological productivity. Due to excessive nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, these water bodies are able to support an abundance of aquatic plants. Usually the water body will be dominated either by aquatic plants or algae. The algae engages in photosynthesis which supplies oxygen to the fish and biota which inhabit these waters. Occasionally an excessive algae bloom will occur and can ultimately result in fish kills and are not safe for any water activities.  The process of eutrophication can occur naturally and by human impact on the environment. These lakes will be impacted by hot summer months and frequent Beach Closures!

During the summer the NH  Department of  Environmental Sciences will test our beaches and if high bacteria counts are found will close them to the public. One of the determining factors is the nutrient content in the water that enables algae production to dangerous levels.  Visit the NH website for updates on your favorite beaches condition.

For a list of local lakes and water classifications visit our website at

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