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Maine State Flower: Is the Invasive Plant Finally Eradicated ?

Maine State Flower: Is the Invasive Plant Finally Eradicated ?

Twenty plus years ago as cable and satellite dishes were evolving in the remote areas of Maine this invasive flower species that is not native to any specific location was introduced. This flower that was the pride of Maine spread across into New Hampshire. The damage to the landscape can still be seen today.

With the invasion finally halted and the landscape dotted with these rusting relics what are the options other than dismantling and selling them to the scrap dealer. You can leave them in your yard like an heirloom from the past hoping someone will stop by to take family pictures in front of it.


Why use it as a receiver -- it works just as well as a transmitter.

Use it to signal aliens they won't receive your transmission for millions of years or to send "instructions" to NASA probes too old to have authentication and authorization protocols"¦

It still works as a receiver, you could set it up to listen to what music they are playing on the space station or that occasional alien hello.

You could extend your WiFi to your favorite fishing spot.

What about a planter, hanging vines would cherish the sun.

Or, you could glue a Metallic Rod With A Red Tip to the center, and point it at your most paranoid neighbor's house.

I am leaning toward the last option. Please weigh in with your suggestions and I will make a flyer to drop off with Maine State Flower owners.   PS: this is a little NH light Humor


Maine State Flower

Maine State Flower























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