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Spring in NH: Good the Bad and The Ugly

The Good:


Shoveling Snow becomes tilling the Garden and Planting

Shoveling Snow becomes tilling the Garden and Planting


Spring in NH  is the beginning  of change. Cold gray to warm colors of new flowers and green grass.  As we move towards warmer weather there are some wonderful activities to enjoy.

Spring skiing will last well into April this year and don't forget to get your gear ready for a trip up Tuckerman's Ravine.   

Snowshoeing will soon be transformed to hiking trails free of ice and snow. 

Biking on the open roads will soon turn to Mountain Biking on back woods trails.

Snowmobiling is still very active from Laconia north, the trails should last well into April. In a few weeks you will be putting the sleds away and getting your motorcycle ready for the first trips around the lake. 

Maple Syrup, if you have never been to a Sugar House make it a point this to visit one this spring. This coming weekend March 28th and 29th you will find open houses around the state stop by and visit one. 

Ice fishing will soon turn into open water fishing on all our lakes and ponds.  Don't expect ice out on the big lake this year until mid to late April.  The lake had a solid surface of 3 feet of ice this year.    

Turkey and Deer will also become more visible roaming the fields for food.  Late May you may even catch a glimpse of a Fawn hiding in a field.   

Visit  for other spring activities. 

The Bad:


Rock Walls and trails soon to be open for Hiking

Rock Walls and trails soon to be open for Hiking


Frost Heaves or for those unfamiliar with the term, big rolling deep bumps in the road.  When you see the signs do not ignore them.  Slow down.   

Mud season is here, your favorite dirt road short cut is now a rutted nightmare.  Sometimes worse than snow.  Careful you may get stuck and I guarantee you will be visiting the car wash daily. 

The weather is totally unpredictable.   10 degree to 50 degree to 8 inches of snow in the same day.  Once you get three days of temperatures in the 50's you get all excited and bang 5 below zero.  Plan your outing for all temperatures, spring jacket to a winter jacket and boots. 

The Ugly:


Ice Fishing soon turns to trolling for Salmon

Ice Fishing soon turns to trolling for Salmon


Bird feeders are part of the winter ritual most of us enjoy. Watching the various birds come to the feeder and with more new arrivals as spring approaches. One of the unexpected new visitors are  bears.  Take your feeders in or at least take those on your decks down. Your friendly bear will scale the side of your deck for a free meal. Quite the experience looking face to face with Mommy bear looking in your slider.

Black Fly's visit 2-3 weeks in May.  Last year we had an uneventful Black Fly season and  we hope for the same this year.  The first week of the season is just annoying, the second week they start to bite. A light wind carries them away or you can add bug spray to your cloths and a bug net. Don't fret the season is only a couple of weeks. 

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