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Preparing your Lakefront Camp for Winter?

The first part of the preparation is sitting back looking out onto the lake and taking in all the memories you will have for years to come.  Tubing with the grandchildren to getting up for the first time on waterskis and the ultimate dropping one ski going slalom. What about the first fish caught or teaching someone to swim. Camp is all about taking home memories that will last forever.

Where to start with winterization?

Start on the outside and work your way in.  Some basics are take in the dock, put away the floats, winterize the outboard and rake up the fallen leaves.  Yes, you can leave them until spring but they will be matted down and could do damage to your lawn.  


Got to Keep the Heat On

Got to Keep the Heat On


In the past most followed the general rule of draining the water system and shutting down the heating system, covering the furniture and putting a plan in place to keep the rodents out. This method has worked and will continue to work for many seasonal camps.  So why worry?

Keep in mind that draining down of all the water in the plumbing system can cause seals and gaskets to dry out and may require some repairs when the water goes back on in the spring. In a modern home that you are shutting down for the winter, you have temperature fluctuations that may cause internal damage to your home.  The expansion and contraction may cause drywall to crack or seams to split and structural damage may be caused hidden in the walls. You also may find on a visit to the home during the winter frost on the interior of the windows which may result in mold down the road.  After draining the pipes I would recommend keeping the heat on somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees and installing a temperature monitor that notifies you if heat is off. The cost of the fuel is minimal compared to the cost of repairing structural damage or mold remediation. 


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