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New NH State Boating Law Effective January 1. 2017 

This important piece of legislation in my opinion has not been well circulated to the boating community.  boat on lake winnipesaukee - lake winnipesaukee homes for sale

When transporting boats between water bodies: ( NH RSA 487: 16-D ) 

All fragments of vegetation and animals must be removed before leaving the launch area. 

All drain plugs must be removed or in the open position when leaving the boat launch

Invasive plants and animals can impair the quality and health of our lakes. Once an invasive plant or animal takes hold they are expensive to manage and nearly impossible to eradicate.

Clean: All mud - plants - debris from your boat, paddles, and motor with special attention to your anchor line and chain. 

Drain: motor - ballast tanks - live wells - open all drain plugs and leave open while motoring. 

Dry your boat and rinse with water prior to launching into another lake. 


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