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Ice Fishing! Safety on the Ice is of utmost concern! 

Ice Fishing! Safety on the Ice is of utmost concern! 

Ice Fishing Checklistlake winnipesaukee real estate - lake winnipesaukee ice

2″ or less – not safe for travel 

4″ – walking only 

5″ – safe for fishing and ATV or snowmobile 

8″ – 12″ – safe for a car or small group of people

12″ – 15″ – safe to drive a truck 

  • The above guidelines are for clear ice, test the ice prior to going out on the ice and spot test as you venture further out on the lake or pond. Snow and slush create white ice that is not safe. 

Ice seldom forms uniformly, test as you move along. 

Ice in flowing water does not freeze uniformly, test or avoid 

Snow on the ice insulates slowing the freezing process and weighs down the ice, danger, test or avoid

Ask for local knowledge and bring ice spikes for your boots plus hand picks. 

Don’t go out on the ice alone. 

Cracking / Booms typically is just the ice expanding not a real danger 

If driving on the ice keep a good distance from other vehicles, don’t wear your seatbelt and leave the lake before it becomes too hard to see. 

What to bring along?

Dress warmly in layers, you can always take layers off, when setting up remove layers so you don’t overheat and sweat. 

Get a checklist of needed gear the night before and load it in your vehicle or have it ready to go. Ice traps, jigging rod, hooks, bait bucket, weights, lunch and leave the alcohol at home. 

Bring a cell phone, throw rope, extra clothing and ice picks

Bring along a portable bob house or bring or build a wind block.  Ice sleds are a must for getting your gear from hole to hole location.

Don’t waste time in the morning looking for a spot to get on the lake to fish. Confirm the evening before you can get on the ice at the location you want to fish! 


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