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Crystal Lake Profile - Gilmanton NH

Crystal Lake Profile - Gilmanton  NH 

Lakefront Monday highlights different lakes in New Hampshire. This page is sponsored by Lady of the Lake Realty in Meredith NH. If you want information on a lake e-mail us for lake profile or look to the bottom of the page for additional lakes.

Crystal Lake is 455 acres with an average depth of 16 feet with a maximum depth of 53 feet.  The lake is Oligotrophic - best water quality with rainbow trout fishing. 

Gilmanton Iron Works is a rural town located just north of Concord NH. You will find year-round homes to cottages and condos around the lake. The water is crystal clear making it very inviting for swimming and water sports.  Motorboating is allowed along with jet skis. 

Years ago Grace Metalious wrote the scandalous book Peyton Place that caused an uproar in the town as some believed it was based on the residents.  ABC ran the show for many years. 

You can view other available lake listings on our website. 

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