NH Lake Homes For Sale

Thinking of Buying a New Hampshire lake home? Helpful Hints!

Lady of the Lake Realty, Established in 1999, is a small niche agency catering to Buyers looking for waterfront or water-access properties. We discuss the different aspects a Buyer may want to consider when searching for a waterfront/ water-access properties with every Buyer. A synopsis follows:

1. Waterbody Size- Types of Activities you plan to engage in: Canoeing, kayaking Motor-boating, jet-skiing Fishing warm water vs. colder water 2. Water Quality- Oligotropic Mesotropic Eutropic

3. Use- Seasonal versus Year-Round-

4. Price Parameters ??

Waterbody Size- First and foremost a Buyer should understand that water bodies offer a different experience based on size. But, as the size increases, generally so does the price. Each Buyer must consider what he/she is looking for in a waterfront property so that we can find the best match..

Small Waterbodies- Less than 100 acres in size. There are small ponds perfect for kayaking and interacting with wildlife. They are usually fine for swimming but sometimes they will have a mucky bottom so a Buyer will want to jump in off a swim raft or pontoon boat versus wading in. Some small ponds have sandy or gravelly bottoms. Waterbodies of this size make great little swimming holes, and are good for limited fishing. They are not good for someone looking to motorboat around. These water bodies will be the most affordable.

Medium Sized Waterbodies- 100- 300 acres in size. These water bodies are great for small boating, waterskiing and tubing, fishing, and swimming. These are great all-around water bodies and a Buyer can usually enter the market here at a reasonable price.

Large Waterbodies- 300-750 acres in size. These water bodies will command a higher price as Buyers who are interested in motorboating will need a larger Lake . The benefit to this size is that a Buyer will not be in the price range of the 1000+ acre water bodies, but will be able to enjoy all water activities.

Largest Waterbodies- 750+ acres in size. These water bodies are highly desirable, more expensive, and offer the Buyer all Waterbody activities. Some also offer on water amenities such as boat up eateries and bars. In NH we have 12 water bodies that are larger than 1000 acres, with 2 others that are 900+ acres.

Water Quality- Another consideration when purchasing a waterfront/water-access property is the quality of the water. The State of New Hampshire has identified 3 levels of water quality. Oligatropic is the highest quality. The water is clear, and nutrient poor, meaning it is not a good source for the nutrients that support algae. It is the most desirable. Often, the Oligatropic Waterbodies are the deeper glacial water bodies. These water bodies are generally the most expensive. Mesotropic is medium range water quality. The water is usually fairly clear to light tea color and may have some surface vegetation but usually around the edges. Many water bodies fall in this category. These water bodies are perfectly fine for purchase and are usually more affordable than the Oligatrophic. Eutropic are nutrient rich water bodies. They usually have much surface vegetation and can be darker in color. We do not recommend Eutropic water bodies because the water quality is not conducive for swimming and boating and the resale will be negatively affected by the poor water quality.

Seasonal or Year Round Use? There are lots of great summer cottages that offer 3 season enjoyment. Many Buyers do not plan on using a cottage over the winter and are happy to use the cottage from May to November and shut the property down for the winter. Actually, improvements are being made every season but there are still many areas around are water bodies that are difficult to access during the winter months. To purchase a property that is already year-round, or can easily be converted to year-round use a Buyer will be paying a premium. If a Buyer needs year-round, and price is a factor, opt for a smaller waterbody.

Lastly, a Buyer needs to identify their price parameters so that we can search for the best possible properties WITHIN THEIR PRICE RANGE. There are many good quality lakes and ponds from throughout the lakes region and the central part of the state. We can find you a property that will work for you. For additional information  call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com or visit our website to view  homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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Doing a Home Inspection, common Inspection items to look for.

Old or New do a complete Inspection

Old or New do a complete Inspection

The home inspection is a crucial part of the real estate transaction and we strongly urge that you have a complete inspection done. Prior to the inspection the seller is stressing about unknown defects in the home unless they did some pre-planning and had a pre-inspection done.  The buyer looked at the home with rose colored glasses only seeing the beautiful cabinets, lake view, sandy beach but really never looked under the rug or opened the cabinets up.  Time has stopped while the inspector selected starts the process of looking for the good and the bad.

Selecting an inspector in NH is an easy process. I recommend  interviewing several inspectors. You can find licensed NH Home inspectors at http://www.nh.gov/jtboard/homeroster.htm  Talk to them about the report you will be getting, some offer only a written report you will leave with at the end of the inspection or an online version that will be posted that evening or the next morning.

Post Inspection: The inspection is done, the  buyer  must follow the timeline laid out in your purchase and sales agreement and present the findings to the seller on time. At this point you may have a back and forth with the seller to satisfy the inspection findings.

Some items the inspector will look at.

1. Roofing

The inspector will look at the condition, age and look in the home and attic for any roof issues that you would need to be concerned with.

2. Water Damage On The Ceiling

Ceiling stains? They are common in home and may indicate past or current leaks.  The home inspector must determine  the source of the leak, if it was repaired and if it might happen again.

3. Electrical Items

One of the top safety violations home inspectors run into are electrical. The inspector will inspect all outlets and check for GFI''s in the kitchen, garage, bathrooms and the exterior of the home. He will also focus on looking for ungrounded outlets to exposed wires.  He will  open the electric panel and look for improper wiring, often found in the box are wires doubled up, this needs to be corrected.  The home may have met code when built but safety come first when electrical items are found. Have them fixed.

4. Drainage - basement water

The inspector will look for current water issues in the basement and test the sump pump if the home has one installed.  He may make a recommendation regarding the grading around the home or perimeter drains if he sees a water problem around the foundation.

5. Wood Rot

Rotted wood  could be anywhere and go unnoticed for years. Inside and outside locations to look are your home's trim, eaves,  decks, bathroom and kitchen areas.  Some inspector for an extra charge have a moisture meter to read behind walls and ceiling for moisture.

6.  Home additions and remodeling

Code violations can often be found when homeowner's make additions and alterations without a permit. Ask to see permits?

7.  Fireplaces and wood-stoves

Chimneys  need to be checked for proper linings and if they are clean. An unlined chimney should not be used and if the chimney has not been cleaned. A chimney sweep should be called in. The inspector will also look at the crown of the chimney and the hardware for the damper.

8. Plumbing

Plumbing defects can run rampant. Things from dripping faucets, slow to leaking drains are just some of the things commonly found

9. Water Heaters

Water heaters are looked at to determine the age, safety issues and  life expectancy.

10. Mold/Radon

I recommend a water radon and radon air test.  If the home has radon they can easily be mediated .   If the inspector finds signs of mold I would recommend getting a mold inspector in the home to assess what is there.

11. Water

If the home has a dug or drilled well I would recommend a full battery of tests including arsenic and metals.  The lab when done with give you a complete outline of the water results.

12. Septic

Have the septic system checked out even if the system is brand new. This is a very expensive item that needs to be functioning correctly.   The inspector will look at the leach field and tank looking for industry standards.

13. Windows

Your inspector will also pay special attention to the windows. All must lock and function correctly.




Overview:  Seller:  I would recommend a pre-inspection, find out what needs to be corrected prior to the buyers inspection and get the items fixed.   Buyer:  Do all the inspections the full radon air and water, full battery of water tests, septic inspection and mold if found.

All the inspection items can be worked out when both parties work together. For additional information on lake  homes in New Hampshire call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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NH home sales rise 4.2 percent

Suncook Lakefront home, new construction

Suncook Lakefront home, new construction

New Hampshire experienced a 4.2 percent increase in home sales year over year in February, according to data released Wednesday by Re/ Max of New England.

The state's median home price jumped 8.8 percent to $185,000, up from $170,000 this time last year.

For the first time in months, median prices are increasing instead of staying flat year over year in New England, Re/ Max reported. Vermont saw the largest increase in median price, followed by Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. In addition to median prices, units sold and pending sales are also up, while inventory is down 20 percent, year over year.

"Sellers are still a little reluctant to list their home, forcing inventory to decrease as sellers wait for the temperature to rise and spring to set in," said Dan Breault, executive vice president and regional director of Re/Max of New England. "The New England market is starting to see median prices uptick, as buyers are in bidding wars for the limited properties on the market."

Taken from the NH Union Leader Newsreel, March 21, 2013

For additional information on NH lake homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com  or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com  or www.lakeorskirealestate.com .

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Choosing a Lakefront home in NH l What to look for in a lakefront property


Time to build memories with a lake home of your own!

Time to build memories with a lake home of your own!


Maple Sugaring season has just past and signs of spring are upon us.  Every year the lakefront real estate market takes some twists and turns and this year is no different.  The Lakes Region including Sunapee and Mount Washington Valley has 429 homes available right now.  Prices range from $174,000 to $13,000,000.  Typically the most active early buyers are those looking for a home priced under $800,000 and there are a ton of buyers looking in this price range. They have a variety of homes to look at on the 200 plus lakes in the area.  Most of the quality homes in this price range are on smaller lakes, those lakes with 1000 acres or less.  Pricing for a nice home on Sunapee, Squam, Winnipesaukee starts at $1,000,000 plus. Surprisingly homes in the $1,000,000 price range on these 3 lakes are typically seasonal camps but the location on the lake may be what you are looking for. If you really want a nice home you need to jump up over $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 price point.

In choosing a lake home step back.  I was with a buyer last week and they insisted they needed to be on a 4000 acre lake. I inquired why and they really did not have an answer.  If you have family coming up to enjoy the lake with you they are going to want to be out in the water. Look for a home with a sandy beach, or sandy bottom swimming or with older swimmers you can swim off the dock. What is your family situation?  Boating, if you're going to get out on the lake to enjoy waterskiing and tubing not everyone can be in the boat to enjoy watching the fun. You may want a camp where you can sit on shore and watch all the fun from the comfort of your deck chair. Dad and Mom did you see me?? So choose a location that meets your families expectations. Quiet waterfront with no noise or the fun and activities that children bring? So if your goal is to enjoy the lake with family and friends a 100 acre lake with a sandy beach and view of the lake is all you may need.

Let's change the scenario. You are a retired couple entertaining friends or using the home as a business retreat.  Yes you want to take a dip in the lake but off the dock works just fine, are you really going to water ski? What you might want is taking boating adventures, heading out on the lake for a mid day ice cream or dinner cruised to one of the local ports. The only lakes to support this activity are the larger lakes. Squam and Sunapee have limited shopping and restaurant access, Winnipesaukee is endless with Meredith, Gilford, Alton, Wolfeboro, Center Harbor, Tuftonboro, and Moultonborough access ports.

So what do you really need in a lake home?  My list starts with a ( sandy beach or sandy bottom or dock swimming ) ( docking and possible mooring for your boat ) ( view or extended open water view is great - add mountain view - add sunset ) ( level yard - room to park 4-5 cars ) ( crystal clear water )  ( privacy or community )  ( other variables, access to ski areas - snowmobile trails - fishing, warm water or cold water - distance to shop - distance to social activities )  Take the list above and highlight what is important to you and call us to find a home.  This home may be on 150 acre Lake Winona or 3000 acre Lake Wentworth.

As you noted above we really don't talk much about the house.  Buy the lake and the location on the lake! You can change the home but not the lake.  If your heart is set on gorgeous sunsets don't settle for a cove location on a large lake in the shade, that sunset location is out there maybe on a 250 acre lake.

For additional information on lake homes in NH call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com   or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com  

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Buying Lakefront Real Estate in New Hampshire? What Lake?


Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate

Washington Cruising to Center Harbor


The decision has been made in your family to buy a vacation lake home and New Hampshire with its proximity to the mountains for skiing, snowmobiling, plenty of golf courses, tax free shopping,  great restaurants, plus 4 seasons of activities all within 2 hours of Boston Ma. or Hartford Ct. puts New Hampshire at the top of your list.   Where??  The go to lakes everyone knows about are Lake Sunapee with Mount Sunapee in the back drop, Squam Lake or as referred to "On Golden Pond" after the movie and lastly Lake Winnipesaukee with 42,000 acres an endless opportunities to explore the ports and 200 plus islands. What about Newfound or Merrymeeting both glacial lake with the best water quality in the state?  Go back to step one, you want a lake home! Unless you absolutely have to be on Sunapee, Squam or Winnipesaukee call us?  We have information on the 200 other lakes in the area, with 25 years combined experience we have the answers on lake size, quality and even the types of fish you will catch.Do you know anything about the following lakes? Did you know they even existed?  We do!! Call and ask why one of these lakes might be the perfect match for your family, it could be your budget or if you are looking something special,  a sandy walk-in beach, sunsets, one acre of land, 200 feet of shoreline, close to ski areas and a private quiet setting under $750,000.  We know where these homes are located and have visited all the lakes below and can recommend a lake that meets your family needs.  From a log home or seasonal cottage to a Luxury Adirondack on Lake Wentworth.

Ashuelot - Ayers - Balch - Belleau - Bow - Conway - Crescent - Crystal - Deering -  Franklin Pierce -  Goose Pond - Great East Lake - Halfmoon - Highland - Hills Pond - Island Pond - Kezar - Jenness Pond - Kolelemook - Kanasatka - Loon - Lovell - Manning - Mascoma - Massasecum - Merrymeeting - Mirror - Newfound - Northwood - Opechee - Mountain View - Mendums Pond - Otter Pond - Pemigewasset - Pine River Pond - Pleasant - Province - Sawyer - Shaws Pond - Shellcamp -  Stinson - Silver - Squam - Suncook - Sunrise - Sunset - Swains - Waukewan - Webster - Wentworth - Wicwas - Winnipesaukee - Winnisquam - Winona - motor boat restricted lakes - Connor - Duncan - Eastman - Hermit - Lower Beach - March - Pea Porridge - Rand - Spectacle - Wakondah - White Oak

Why not e-mail or call us so we can help you find a waterfront home for your family so you can build cherished memories.

 NH has an  inventory of over 439 lakefront homes available. The best homes always sell first so watch for the new listing we send out. If you are not on our new listings e-mail list what are you waiting for call or e-mail Paula or Carl to tell us what you are looking for.

For additional information on lake homes call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com  or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com  or www.lakeorskirealestate.com .

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NH Lakefront Inventory Update May 13, to 20th, Luxury Homes to Cottages

Got to have the Sandy Beach

Got to have the Sandy Beach!

This past weekend the weather was great for the Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Derby hosted by the Laconia Rotary Club, there were 1400 entrants out for the largest Salmon and Lake Trout with some great prizes.  This week we saw 37 new lakefront listings, pricing ranged from a seasonal cottage on Highland Lake in remote Washington for just less than $200,000 to a luxury  8000 square foot Adirondack on Lake Winnipesaukee for just over $4,500,000.  The listing breakdown has been similar to weeks past with 8 new Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate listings, 2 on Lake Sunapee and new construction on ( On Golden Pond ) Squam Lake for $3.5 million.  My pick of the week is a lovely executive ranch with garage and 100 feet of sugar sandy shoreline, stone fireplace all on .93 acres on Ossipee.  The home is on the main section of 3000 acre Ossipee with spectacular open water and breath taking Mountain views.

Other notable lakes with new listings include Wentworth - Wolfeboro , Suncook - Barnstead , Crystal - Enfield, Gilmanton, Opechee - Laconia, Newfound - Hebron

35 new waterfront access homes where listed, one on  Merrymeeting in the $200,000 range to 3 homes on Lake Sunapee in the $400,000 price range.   Condo's , 20 new condo's were listed priced from $100,000 on Weir Boulevard ( get ready for Laconia Bike Week in the Weirs ) to a luxury unit in Wolfeboro also on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Some of the share access and condo's have mooring or docks that come with the purchase and they all have sandy beaches.

Sales are starting to pick up with 16 new lake sales priced from $100,000 to the $1 million mark. The sales were scatter all over the lakes region. We have plenty of inventory with over 600 homes to chose from on over 250 lakes around the state.

For additional information on  homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com  or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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Looking to Purchase a Lakefront Property, NH has Plenty to offer the Lakefront Buyer!

Luxury Lakefront Home on Winnipesaukee

Luxury Lakefront Home on Winnipesaukee

NH Lakefront Property Inventory!

My wife Paula and I cover the entire Lakes Region including Ossipee and Sunapee markets. What this means to you!  You can put your wish list in front of us and we will search for a lakefront home that matches your lifestyle. Put the computer away, we know all the quality lakes in the area and can recommend a home to fit your family and price point.  If you are not familiar with New Hampshire Lakes Region we have over 250 lakes to choose from. The lakes most are familiar with are Winnipesaukee, 43,000 acres - Squam, 6750 acres -  Newfound, Sunapee, Winnisquam all around 4000 plus acres - Wentworth, Ossipee, 3000 acres -   Merrymeeting, Bow, Silver, Waukewan, Great East are in the 1000 acre range. Plus a batch of lake in the 300 to 600 acre range.

When starting your search call us, your price point may dictate if we can find you a home on Winnisquam or 370 acre  Lake Kanasatka.( example )   If you are looking for a newer home close to ski areas in the $500,000 range Squam is not the lake to be searching.  That home is located on 600 acre Suncook Lake.  If  you are looking for a quiet lake or a lake close to a town with great salmon fishing or golf close by we can find that home to.

Interest Rates are still low, inventory is up, pricing is still reasonable. What are you waiting for?

New Listing on Pemigewassett Lake with 25 acres

Home On 250 Acre Pemigewassett with 25 acres of land


NH Lakefront Inventory by price point.

$200,000 to $500,000 -  330 homes

$500,000 to $750,000 - 125 homes

$750,000 to $1 million - 77 homes

$1 million to $1.5 million - 48 homes

$1.5 million to $2 million - 49 homes

$2 million to $3 million 46 - homes

$3 million to $4 million - 12 homes

Over $4 million 25 homes are available topping out at $13 million

There is a home available to fit your life style and budget, all you need to do is call us so you can start building family memories that you will look back on and cherish forever.


For additional information on homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com or visit our website to view lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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NH Lakefront Inventory Update, New Lake Listings July 8 to July 15, 2013

lake winnipesaukee real estate

Exclusive Grouse Point Club Home Available

After weeks of continuous rain we are seeing the weather break with some wonderful sunshine.  The farmers are full steam ahead getting there fields mowed bringing in a food supply for next winter, for many of them this is their first cut of the season so they are already one behind. The air is full of the scent of fresh cut grass.  Last week only 27 new lakefront homes come on the market.  That might be expected because the biggest rush of homes listed is just before the 4th.  Winnipesaukee again lead the charge with 6 new listings.  Two priced around $1.2 million and two at $800,000 along with one island listing at $319,000.  The rest of the listing were spread all over the lakes region including 5 listings in southern NH.  Notable lakes with new listings include. Spofford Lake- 2, Pawtuckaway-2, Pleasant Lake, Merrymeeting, Crystal, Winnisquam.

Lake Condo's and Shared Waterfront:  22 new shared lakefront homes were listings along with 12 new condos, many included at dock or mooring for your boat.  Pricing started at $125,000 up to my pick of the week a home located in the exclusive Gated Grouse Point Club in Meredith for just over $700,000.   Grouse Point amenities include. 3 sugar sand beaches, mooring field, clubhouse with a heated indoor pool, workout room, stunning fully equipped kitchen, conference room, function room and huge deck for sunning and visiting. There are tennis courts, basketball hoops, canoe racks and one of the most gorgeous views in the Lakes Region from the clubhouse. Immaculately groomed and quiet yet just minutes to downtown Meredith.  The has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with just over 3300 square feet of living space.

Contact us today to find out what the New Hampshire Lakes Region has to offer. For additional information on NH lake homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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New Hampshire Lakefront Inventory Update: August 19 to 26 2013

NH Lakes real Estate

Just Sold, Luxury Adirondack on 600 Acre Pine River Pond

Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner and new lakefront listings are slowing down with only 12 new listings this past week.   Squam Lake had an new listing listed for $7.5 million. This luxury home is located on 10 acres in the town of  Moultonborough.   Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate  had 3 new listing 2 island properties on Rattlesnake and a luxury home in Moultonborough for $2.8 million.   To the south on Northwood Lake and Swains Lake we had a couple of new listings in the $200,000 range.    Sales are really starting to hit the books with 25 waterfront homes being sold in the last 10 days in the price range of $225,000 for an island property to $1.5 million for a Winnipesaukee ranch on just over 1 acre of land.

Typically in the summer we have two price adjustments. Just after the 4th of July and right after Labor Day.  The 4th of July price adjustment did not happen this year and I bet we are not going to see prices drop after Labor Day.  Sellers of lake home have bottomed out on there pricing.  If your a buyer coming to NH to buy a lake home the prices are fair and we should see pricing increase next year on lakefront homes.  If you are sitting on the sidelines waiting to make a decision to buy think again, prices will increase and interest rates will go up. Don't be that guy who said I should have!

If you are not familiar with NH we have 3 areas in the state with well over 250 lakes and ponds.  Sunapee Region, Lakes Region and the Ossipee area.  If you are thinking of a ski home our typical buyer is thinking the same.  All of the larger lakes are less than 20 minutes  to a ski resort and all are minutes to golf and great hiking trails.  The region currently has over 600 waterfront homes on the market with pricing from $250,000 to $13 million.  The majority of the homes are price under $800,000.  If you are looking for a luxury year round home or a seasonal cottage on the lake we can help you. For additional information on lake homes call Four Seasons | Sotheby's International Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com  or visit our website to view  lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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Buying a Lake/Ski home during the Winter Months in New Hampshire


NH lake or ski homes

Right on the water with 25 acres & 30 minutes to Loon or Waterville


This maybe the best time to be shopping for a lake home in New Hampshire.  Sellers are just getting their real estate tax bills and if there are not using the home during the winter every payment is towards the home is painful.  Many of the seasonal cottages are closed up  for the winter, but they still maybe available to be seen if we don't have snow covering the driveway.  Year round homes are heated and ready to be shown at a moment's notice.  The listing agents are not overbooked and traffic is light so scheduling goes smoothly.  There are over 500 homes available priced from $300,000 to $13 million. If you are a snowmobile or ski enthusiasts buying a lake home is the perfect answer to four seasons fun and adventure for your whole family.  The homes aging on the market right now have eager sellers looking to move on to a different phase of their life.   Call us today. For additional information on this home call Lady of the Lake Realty at 1-888-737-5550 or e-mail at info@nhlakesrealty.com or visit our website to view similar lake homes in New Hampshire at www.nhlakesrealty.com or www.lakeorskirealestate.com.

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